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How to Prepare for the Test Many medicines can interfere with blood test results. Your health care provider will tell you if you need to stop taking international journal clinical pharmacology and therapeutics medicines before you have this test. DO NOT stop or change your medicines without talking to your provider first. How international journal clinical pharmacology and therapeutics Test international journal clinical pharmacology and therapeutics Feel You may feel slight pain or a sting when the needle is inserted.

Why the Test is Performed This test is done to:Determine if a woman is currently ovulating or has recently ovulatedEvaluate a woman with repeated miscarriages noscapine tests are used more commonly)Determine the risk for miscarriage or ectopic pregnancy early in pregnancy Normal Results Progesterone levels vary, depending on the timing when the test is done.

Levels continue to rise in early pregnancy. These are steroid hormones that are responsible for various female characteristics in the body.

The ovaries are a pair of ova-producing organs (that is, they produce egg cells) that maintain the health of the female reproductive system. In addition to their role in dark circles ova, the ovaries also have the distinction of being an endocrine gland because they secrete hormones-primarily estrogen and progesterone-that are vital to normal reproductive development and fertility.

Estrogen Estrogen, a steroid hormone, carries physiological messages to body organs and systems. These messages differ for each body organ and system. Estrogen sends messages to the international journal clinical pharmacology and therapeutics to grow and replace the lining that is shed during the previous menses.

The three major naturally occurring estrogens in women are estrone (E1), estradiol (E2), and estriol (E3). Estradiol is the predominant estrogen during reproductive years the lancet oncology in terms of absolute serum levels as well as in terms of estrogenic activity. During menopause, estrone is the predominant circulating estrogen and during pregnancy estriol is the predominant circulating estrogen in terms of serum levels.

Though estriol is the most plentiful of the three estrogens it is also the weakest, whereas estradiol is the strongest with a potency of approximately 80 times that of estriol. Creative Diagnostics company provides estrogen antibodies, antigens, elisa kits as follows:Progesterone is a hormone international journal clinical pharmacology and therapeutics primarily in the ovaries, but also in smaller quantities by the adrenal glands, and in the placenta of pregnant women.

The hormone helps regulate menstruation, prepares the body for pregnancy, and aids in nourishing the uterine environment to support implantation of the fertilized egg, as well as growth of the placenta.

Progesterone levels may be monitored through simple blood serum testing if necessary. These includes breasts, endometrium, regulation international journal clinical pharmacology and therapeutics the menstrual cycle etc. In males estrogen helps in maturation of the sperm and maintenance of a healthy libido.

Estrogen is responsible for development of the female body and the secondary sexual characters. It helps decelerate height increase in females during puberty, accelerates burning of body fat and reduces muscle bulk. Estrogens reduce bone resorption and increase bone formation. They help in protein synthesis, increase hepatic production of binding proteins, coagulation proteins (factors II, VII, IX, X, plasminogen). Estrogens increase platelet adhesiveness and reduce antithrombin III.

Estrogens increase good cholesterol (HDL) and also increase triglycerides. They decrease LDL and promote fat deposition. On fluids and electrolytes estrogens cause salt (sodium) and water retention. In the gastrointestinal tract they reduce bowel motility and increase cholesterol in bile.

Receptors are molecules on the cells that recognize specific hormones and allows them to carry their message to the cell. Progesterone also decreases international journal clinical pharmacology and therapeutics cell growth.



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