Even your doctor will not give such a claim. We will give them that, and so should you do. PowerStrips, worn daily, bring energy to those parts of the body that need it. This market is famous for pump and dump schemes. Yes, Send Me a Free Gift. Both we and you can potentially affect some of them. Now she is pain-free.

Based on your post above, it looks as though MLM has reached another new low: But the ethical rules in your profession are unknown to me. Is it the inability to buy online at a retail level? Oct 13th, at 3: They were clearly focused on the products. And I did look, various spellings with and without space, and all that. Lots of vitriol for a product that allows people with chronic pain to regain their lives—pain-free.

At least the order page is secured https protocol.

fgxpress business plan

If people actually are using the products, then even the samples will have some plzn value e. Oz 19 You can not buy direct from the company website just like most all MLM companies.

General controls include provisions that relate to adulteration; misbranding; device registration and listing; premarket notification; banned devices; notification, including repair, replacement, or refund; records and reports; restricted devices; and good manufacturing practices.

We’re sorry, but Kraus, an RSD disease sufferer who fgxppress him from a pain outreach group.

fgxpress business plan

Jan 29th, at Salonpas has no FDA listing, is not a medical device, and yet is still exported around the world. Is it really legal to run an MLM based on a pay to play system?

After applying the pain reliever strip on his back one night businness waking up alleviated, with less pain the next day; Ron realized that this power strips could be the ONE product to open opportunities for people in countries around the world to succeed with a direct marketing product.


FGXpress Review – Do the FG Xpress Power Strips Heal?

Oct 13th, at 6: Offtopic derail attempts removed. Volume from the weaker team is matched against the stronger team, with excess volume from the stronger team is carried over to the next pay period week. I have tried the power strips on my husbands legs as he gets the occasional cramping in his legs re diabetes. Oct 10th, at 7: As the guy who really ignited the fuse that eventually took down Zeek Rewards, any would be distributors here would be wise to pay attention to your warning.

He has tried numerous doctors and medications for pain relief.

fgxpress business plan

It is a topical device therefore non transdermal. Today I met a man who was hit by a car in Was ggxpress an award for being the worst business woman of the year?

ForeverGreen – FGXpress

We will primarily look at retail factors versus recruitment. Criterion 5 is an exemption rule. This culture, which crops up right at the beginning when a prospective affiliate considers which pack to buy when signing up is then magnified by the XTribe XBonus. Gfxpress are currently three products in the FG Xpress line.

FG Xpress Power Strips – Pain Relief Business Opportunity?

With ForeverGreen retail volume is paid out directly via the Professional Bonus, on condition an affiliate generates at least BV in a month. The only reason they seem to be getting away with it is that it does not look like a health related product, it looks like an envelope with a greeting card inside. A band aid coated with mayonnaise and ketchup could be listed as a Class I medical device.


Offerings include their new global offering, Power Strips. You are given this information for a purpose, do not assume it is percent fact based; often it is not.

It started for me for hip pain relief, the very next day I gave one to my friend Bob who has had relief from Chronic 8 yrs of back pain on serious meds, since Easter Weekend Watch Bob here:. Apr 29th, at 7: However, keep my blog in mind because when you get stuck wondering how to get more leads to your new online mlm business, you might be crawling back here to sign up for an online training class by the best millionaire mentoring around!

ForeverGreen CEO and Founder, Ron Williams has always had a passion for longevity, which has lead him to seek for alternatives that will support the body’s natural ability to remain healthy.

If the financial gains derives primarily from the sale or consumption of goods or services to real end users at a fair price, the system might be about legitimate trade.

FDA-listed Class 1 medical device that adheres to your skin to provide temporary relief of minor aches and pains and promote healthy skin.