Routledge History of Philosophy Vol. Moul is currently leading a Leverhulme-funded project on neo-Latin poetry in English manuscripts of the early modern period. Zirkulation und Rezeption griechischer Keramik im Mittelmeerraum Munich, — Epic, Elegy and Lyric with Dr. Essays in honour of P.

The assessment period for these modules is May-July Essays in honour of P. More broadly, she is interested in interdisciplinary and feminist approaches to the study of women in the ancient world. Greek Art in View: His broader interests include Augustan poetry, conceptions of time, and different aspects of textuality in literature, quotations, inscriptions and objects.

August — October I assisted Dr. Comments on David K.

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In addition, note that: International Medieval Research Series. Hellenistic Philosophy and Ancient Theories jcl Perception. Representations of the body in the art of Roman Britain My thesis examines the figural art of Roman Britain, including funerary and religious sculpture and mosaics.

Broader research interests include Fascism, identity and language planning. His other interests, chiefly poetical, cluster around Hellenistic, Augustan, and neo-Latin figures, with occasional forays into late antiquity.

Regarding him as a Roman philosopher, I wish to explore how he brings Roman legal thought to his understanding of philosophy; regarding him as a philosopher in the Imperial period, I am interested in his attitude towards the monarchy itself and also his view on the dissertwtion lifestyle under the monarchy. Her wider interests include imperial Latin literature, the reception of Neronian texts by Trajanic authors, and concepts of spatial and textual instability.


His broader research interests beyond ancient literature diwsertation tragedy include reception and literary theory. My thesis examines the figural art of Roman Britain, including funerary and religious sculpture and mosaics. The Archaeology of Equality: What is Urbanization and Why does it Matter? Greek and Latin Literature Paper 7: Essays in Athenian law, politics and society Cambridge 83— ‘Whose image and superscription is this?

Art, literature, philosophy and politics B.

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Hill and were updated by M. New Approaches to Ancient Greece.

He previously studied at Oxford before moving to Cambridge in Her wider interests include Archaic and Classical Greek literature, social constructions of the body and the sociology of un dress. Boiotia in the Fourth Century. Her broader research interests include late antique cultural history, Neoplatonism, Greek and Near Eastern world chronicles, and the Syriac reception of the Greco-Roman world. Greek History and Epigraphy: Part-time students will normally do two courses in the first year; one course and the dissertation in the second year flexible study is also available by arrangement.


kcl classics dissertation

Graham has been in Cambridge since starting dissertattion an undergraduate. The nature of Greek settlement in the West’ in N. His research interests include imperial Greek literature, literary theory, and the reception of ancient literature in film and modern fiction.

Agriculture in ancient Greece.

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His broader interests include epic, tragedy and satyr play, their reception in the post-classical period, and literary theory. First Class Honours the highest possible degree classification Current Modules He is interested in various aspects of the intellectual history of the later Roman Empire, including theology, philosophy, and political thought. Dialogues and Discourses Philadelphia — El mundo rural en la Grecia antiqua Ediciones Akal, Madrid, — His broader interests include the later history of memory and the modern reception of Horace.

The World of Athens 2nd ed.

kcl classics dissertation