Mishra, Siba Prasad Development of incremental strategies for wireless sensor network. Pradhan, Debalaxmi Recovery of value added fuels from waste polyolefins bicycle tyre and tube. Sultana, Benazeer Assessing the suitability of coarse pond ash and bottom ash as filter material. Sahu, Ripan Kumar Computationally efficient distributed minimum wilcoxon norm. Browse by Thesis Type. Mohanta, Jagadish Chandra Navigational control of multiple mobile robots in various environments.

Nath, Amar Implementation of enterprise applications based on service oriented architecture. Kawaduji, Chaudhari Khushal Discrete-time slip control algorithms for a hybrid electric vehicle. Kar, Debashish A laboratory study of bituminous mixes using a natural fibre. Bisai, R A study on modes of rock failure under uniaxial compression. Xavier, Tony Development of image restoration techniques. Mishra, Shankar Estimation of power generation potential of nonwoody biomass species. K, Venkata Sai Gopal Static analysis of cross-ply laminated composite plate using finite element method.

Sahoo, Lisa Studies on effect of process parameters on particle growth in a fluidized bed granulator. Barik, Sobha Chandra Sliding mode vector control of three phase induction motor.

Theses & Reports

Saha, Sahely Biobeneficiation of bauxite ore through bacterial desilication. LhdPradeep Kumar Hydrodynamic characteristics of tapered fluidized bed in ternary mixture using Artificial Neural Network.

phd thesis nit rourkela

Sahoo, Pradosh Ranjan Decentralized control design approaches for formation control of unmanned aerial vehicles. Sahoo, Rosalin Dynamic stability royrkela composite shells subjected to hygrothermal enviornment.


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Kumar, Rakesh Carbonization study of non coking coals and characterisation of their properties for application in sponge iron making. Maliye, S Regenerative and anti-lock braking system eourkela electric vehicles.

D, Tijo Electrical discharge coating of ceramic metal composite on metal substrate using powder compact electrodes. SwainAshish Kumar Modelling and simulation of stand-alone self-excited induction generator for wind power application.

Roy, Abhisek Modification of trip generations following formation of a new district: BarmaS D Wettability of hair using natural surfactants in presence of silver nanoparticles as additive.

Karmakar, Arunava Biometric identification and verification based on time-frequency analysis of phonocardiogram signal. Singh, Sandeep Kumar Simulation of R. KumarShiv Ranjan Design of plant layout having passages and inner structural wall using particle swarm optimization. Dutta, Debabrata Utilization of blast furnace slag as a raw material for the manufacture of portland cement clinker. Thesjs, Characterization and Environmental Applications. An inhibition and disaggregation study.

Shinde, N Power system frequency estimation using linear and nonlinear techniques. Kumar, Suman Multifingered grasping for robotic manipulation.

Jena, Kisan Passive vibration control of framed structures by base isolation method using lead rubber bearing. Dash, Anil Kumar Large amplitude free vibration Analysis of composite plates by finite element method. Padhy, Pragyanshree A study on effects of saturation on soil subgrade strength.


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Narsimhachary, D Effect of laser welding parameters on aluminium alloy. Sahoo, Rupashree Evaluation of liquefaction susceptibility of soil using genetic programming and multivariate adaptive regression spline. Application towards Controlled Delivery of Drugs.

Meher, Janhabi Rainfall and runoff estimation using hydrological models and Ann techniques.

phd thesis nit rourkela

Puthal, Deepak Secure data collection and critical data transmission technique in mobile sink wireless sensor networks.

Kundu, Parmananda Vibration control of frame structure using multiple tuned mass dampers. Pravinbhai, Munjpara Priyesh Implementation of multi-tier authentication technique for single-sign on access of cloud services. Dash, Sagarika and S. Sankar, D S V Statistical signal processing approach to segment primary components from pathological phonocardiogram.

phd thesis nit rourkela

Kumar, R On rourkelx use of software metrics. Behera, P Experimental studies on utilization of used transformer oil as an alternative fuel in a DI diesel engine. SanthoshPushpaRaj, D Dynamic analysis of laminated composite plates with holes. Kumar, Satyajeet Investigation of fly ash polymer composite.

Naik, Jitendra Dynamic response of beam and frame structure subjected to moving load.

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