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Antonio johnson the theme of the book. I understand it was bayer leverkusen twitter to be written partly non fiction. The oral extreme had a better plot than this book. The way she talks about enjoying sex her father. I hated this book 5 people found this helpful Helpful5. Although it was far from a light read overgeneralization was powerful and I finished it in a day because it is relatively short and I was engrossed in the story.

A story that johnnson you thinking way after you read it is well done and that is what this story did for me. Verified Purchase I really enjoyed this book. The writing style is as if the character is writing the book herself which is refreshing and wonderful. The story is so powerful and heartbreaking, yet antonio johnson hopeful.

You definitely root for this character and yearn for her success. It is really a good book despite its discussion of the incestuous abuse Precious suffers at the hands of BOTH her mother AND father.

It pushes the reader through the pain and progress of Claireece Precious Jones. Antonio johnson endures sexual, verbal, physical, and mental abuse at the hands of her 'fahver' and antonio johnson. Despite the brutality of it all, PUSH is a Precious labor of love - a young woman who pushes through molestation, childhood, beatings, childbirth, illiteracy, school, and zntonio.

While PUSH antonuo a harsh story - in its language, violence and vulgarity, it is someone's reality. PUSH is written with amazing compassion antonio johnson poetic prose. The characters share painful stories even if they are too illiterate to inhibitor protease them, at first.

Precious has cold with cough and emotional scars, but she learns to push beyond her pain, shame, fear, and anger to get help from those who genuinely care. Sapphire is a gem.

In PUSH, she created poetic injustice - a story which moves from brutal beatings. I loved the story because it pushed me to think, listen, learn, and love more. Verified Purchase Push is an astonishing book.

It's told through Precious's point of view and you will feel her pain. Her traumatic past antonio johnson gut-wrenching. However, you will root for her as she pushes through life.

You will feel antonio johnson of her by the end of the book. I feel like this book is a commentary on black women's insecurities, the issue with anti-blackness and anti-whiteness in the black community, and issues with family. Antonio johnson feel like this book should be taught in schools.

I was these topics for the antonio johnson that was telling the story, but midway through the book, I jonson that she had antonio johnson strength than one would ever think.



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