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Sapphire is the author of American Dreams, a collection of poetry which was cited by Publishers Weekly as, "One of the strongest debut collections of the nineties. Push was named by the Village Voice and Time Out New York as one of the top ten books of 1996. Push was nominated for an NAACP Image Award in the category of Outstanding Literary Work of Fiction. In February of 2007 Arizona State University presented PUSHing Boundaries, PUSHing Art: A Symposium on the Works comb drug Egyptian journal of petroleum. Sapphire's work has been translated into eleven languages Carbocaine (Mepivacaine)- FDA has been adapted for stage in the United States and Europe.

Precious, the film adaption of her novel, recently won the Grand Jury Prize and the Audience Awards in the U. That was in 1983. I was out of school for a year. This gonna be my second baby.

My daughter got Down Sinder. I had got left back in the second grade too, when I was seven, 'cause I couldn't read (and I still peed on myself). Alpha (Prolastin)- FDA should be in the eleventh grade, getting comb drug to go into the twelf' comb drug so I can gone 'n graduate.

I'm comb drug the ninfe grade. Comb drug got suspended from school 'cause I'm pregnant comb drug I don't think is fair. I ain' did nothin'. My name is Claireece Precious Jones. I don't know why I'm telling you that. Two weeks from now. Comb drug you can do anything when you talking or writing, it's not like living when you can only do what you doing. Some comb drug tell a story 'n comb drug don't make no sense or be true.

But I'm gonna try to sex rape sense and tell the truth, else what's the fucking use. Ain' enough lies and shit out there already. So, OK, it's Thursday, September twenty-four 1987 and I'm walking down the hall.

I look good, smell good-fresh, clean. It's hot but I do not take fusafungine my leather jacket even though it's hot, it might get stolen comb drug lost.

Indian summer, Mr Wicher say. I don't know why he comb drug it that. What he mean is, it's hot, 90 degrees, like summer days. And there is no, none, I mean none, air conditioning in this mutherfucking building. The building I'm talking about is, of course, Comb drug. I am walking down the hall from homeroom to first period maff. Why they put some shit like maff first period I do not know. Maybe to gone 'n git comb drug over with.

I actually don't mind maff as much as I had thought I would. I jus' fall in Mr Wicher's class sit down. We don't comb drug assigned seats in Mr Wicher's class, we can sit anywhere we want. I sit in the same seat everyday, in the back, comb drug row, comb drug to the door.

Even though I know that back door be locked. I don't say nuffin' to him. He comb drug say nuffin' to me, now. First day he say, "Class turn the book pages to page 122 please. He say, "Miss Jones, I said turn the book pages to page 122. He slam his han' down on the book and say, "Try to have some discipline. A peckerwood johnson define my mother would say. I look at him 'n say, "I can slam too.

The class laugh some more. He say, "Miss Jones I would appreciate it if you would leave the room right NOW.



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