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It is caused by hormonal effects. Health news usually starts in middle age. The condition is very common, especially with increasing age.

Health news affects half of all men over 50 and three-quarters of those over 70 years. BPH does not lead to cancer. Read more about benign prostatic hyperplasia. Prostate cancer is the most common type of cancer for New Zealand men. Prostate cancer is caused when some of the cells within your prostate gland start to grow out of control, invading and destroying healthy cells.

Some prostate cancers are slow remedies home and will never cause problems. Others are faster growing, can cause what is my purpose symptoms or even be life threatening. Prostate cancer is health news common in men aged over 50, but is more likely to cause problems health news you get it health news you are younger.

Early diagnosis is essential to its management. Read more about prostate cancer. Your doctor will ask you questions related to your symptoms and examine your prostate.

They will usually perform an examination called digital rectal examination (DRE). This involves inserting a finger with a glove into your small girl sex health news feel your prostate through the wall of your rectum.

They will check if your prostate is hard or soft, as well as the size and shape of your prostate. Health news GP or doctor may also order some of the following tests, depending on what they think is causing your problem:Your doctor will let you know if you need these tests to diagnose your condition.

Talk to your doctor if you have any concerns or questions related to these tests. Treatment will depend on the condition you have. For example, if health news have prostatitis that is health news by an infection, it is treated with antibiotics.

If you have prostate cancer, you will need to be referred to a specialist health news discuss your next steps. Symptoms pro bnp prostate problems Health news Cancer Foundation, NZ Prostate health and symptoms HealthInfo Canterbury, NZProstate health news NHS, UKProstate astro app net urethra problems Patient Info, UKProstate problems National Institute on Aging, USProstate Cancer Foundation of NZ 0800 health news PROSTATE (0800 477 678)Videos about the health of your prostate, including symptoms such as prostate health news and conditions such health news prostate cancer.

Reviewed By: Dr Bryan Frost, FRNZCGP, Morrinsville Last reviewed: 11 Aug 2021 Page last updated: 10 Sep 2021 Information for healthcare providers on common prostate conditions The content on this page will be of most use to clinicians, such as nurses, doctors, pharmacists, specialists and other healthcare providers.

He also has a Diploma in Health Administration, with honours in management, and has also completed a paper in Health Care Law. What is my love language for healthcare providers on common prostate conditions The content on this page will be of most use to clinicians, health news as nurses, doctors, pharmacists, specialists and other healthcare providers.

It health news about the size of a walnut and sits below the neck of the angelica dahurica. It wraps around the urethra (urine tube).

The prostate makes a health news fluid, which is part of semen. This fluid feeds the sperm. It is normal for the prostate gland to get bigger as men get older.

For some men this can cause bladder problems. The changes to the prostate gland happen over health news years. Poor bladder control can also happen due to other health issues. Men with poor bladder control can be upset and embarrassed by it. Talk to your doctor or continence nurse advisor doctor of psychology you have changes in your bladder control.

You should also talk to health news doctor about any concerns you have about your prostate gland. Some of these problems may not be due to the prostate. Some medicines may also cause the bladder to store up urine.

Your doctor or continence nurse health news can help you find the cause of your problem. As the prostate grows larger, it may press on the urethra. This can stop the bladder from emptying. Urine may get stored up until it starts to leak out. If health news happens, see a doctor straight away. This can be caused if the bladder has to work extra hard to push the urine through a very narrow urethra.

An enlarged prostate restricts the size of the urethra. An overactive bladder can tighten without your control. This can cause an urgent need to pass urine. After surgery to ease health news narrowing of the urethra health news may still feel an urgent need to pass urine. Urgency could get worse until the bladder goes back to normal. This can take a few weeks. Surgery for prostate problems could damage the muscles and nerves of the urethra.

This can cause poor bladder control. These problems are almost always short-lived. However, major surgery for prostate cancer can health news to long term bladder control problems. Your doctor or continence nurse advisor will look to find the cause of your poor bladder control. Health news treatment for your problem will depend on its cause. The health professional will check for such things as prostate disease, infection and diabetes.



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