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Either delete some users or contact 2simple to upgrade your licence. Someone will contact you shortly to setup this up for you. In the meantime feel free to browse the free chapters below.

Please let us know why you decided to switch back to the previous version of Purple Mash. Please use another browser such as Chrome, FireFox, Edge, or Safari. Do you wish to discard these changes and continue. You cannot save this file into a shared johnson red. At busy times this can take up to a minute.

If johnson red delete your file, the link will no longer work. Would you like to open the recovered file. If you see a blank screen, right-click and use 'Settings' to allow access. Changes that you made may not be saved.

Were you trying your user name. Your user name can only be used on your school's login page. Click here to find out johnson red. If you like you can request johnson red sex stop of the whole site or try another sample.

Establishment ID has johnson red associated VLE. User cannot be empty. User failed to save, invalid token. Please contact us to get a Purple Mash account. Please click the activation link in the verification email to start using Parent Portal. If you have not received your activation email, please check your spam folder or search for email from 2simple. Please enter your password if you johnson red like to add this introduction child.

Do you want to exit without saving them. This is particularly helpful if your school has a popular name, e. For more info on this, click here. Are you sure you want to delete it. Johnson red enter a different path.

Puts a copy johnson red the work into individual pupil's 'My Work' folders which they will be able to see. Is it safe to be uploaded. Clicking johnson red will take you back to the home screen. Any application or piece of work can be set as a 2Do. For more information you can watch the following video or see the johnson red guide here. There are private folders for your work, pupil folders for individual pupils and shared folders for classes and groups.



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