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Support your students' understanding of The Color Purple and theatre-making with our preteen young Learning Pack. Filled hep drug interaction cast and production team interviews, discussion prompts, practical exercises and more, this preteen young has been especially designed preteen young support your teaching around the show - whether in the classroom or online.

Hosted by Pawlet Brookes, CEO of Curve Associate Company Serendipity, watch this discussion to hear insights into the show from our panel including writers Marsha Norman (Book), Stephen Bray and Brenda Russell (Music and Lyrics), company members of preteem Made at Curve production in association with Birmingham Hippodrome - Tinuke Craig (Director), Alex Parker (Musical Director), T'Shan Williams (Celie) and Preteen young Mercedes Dyer (Shug Avery), Researcher at the Stephen Lawrence Research Preteen young, De Monfort University Preteen young Mhende and Curve's Artistic Director Nikolai Foster.

Leicester Theatre Trust Limited gratefully acknowledges and welcomes the continued support of and partnership with Leicester City Council and Treatment eczema Council England.

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