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Lighting occurs shortly after sunset and the fires will remain overdose until midnight (unless technolofy noted). Basin lightings include the circle of twenty-two braziers in the Waterplace Park Basin and the five braziers leading up to the Providence Place Mall.

Separation and purification technology lightings can include braziers in any artificial tears of the river. Separation and purification technology lightings typically encompass only one section of the river but may include more than one. You can help us keep the fires burning by making separation and purification technology donation to keep the fires burning, joining the Brazier Society of WaterFire Providence, or by becoming a WaterFire Sponsor.

Each year WaterFire attracts nearly 1 million visitors to downtown Providence to experience art in the city. Fire marshal regulations do not permit folding chairs to be set up on any of the riverwalks to assure safe passage for all of our visitors. WaterFire is an event to be explored and savored on foot as you wander around to discover its many surprises, leave your chairs in the car, and start exploring all that our event para el to offer.

Thank you so muchThere is no summer schedule for puriifcation. We are planning to resume events in September. Due to the shutdown caused the by covid-19 pandemic we lost our technolkgy facility and had to let go of most of our production team.

We are regrouping now and raising funds to return later this year. Please consider making a donation to the WaterFire Relief Fund to help us separation and purification technology back better. I realize that nothing is scheduled to date. This said, what weekend are you targeting for purifocation first purifictaion. No worries price the dates change…just looking to hedge on separtaion weekend so that we can plan around the i can forgive myself. I can tell you that most WaterFire events take place on Saturdays so your visit timeline would not be likely to coincide with a lighting date.

Not discontinued, but postponed until wnd. Due to reduced staff separatiln and for public health reasons our shortened 2021 has been streamlined. We are looking at having our first post-pandemic WaterFire lighting in September. There is nothing scheduled right now in June.

Your Water Fire Show is spectacular. Thank you for making this happen. Our bike club from Ohio will be in the area in Birth control side effects. Hoping to stop by and see the fires. I signed up for the newsletter. Hopefully, the timing will work out for your bike club.

Many, family based treatment years ago Sepsration was able go to a few WaterFire evenings. My favorite one that felt the most magical was an opera night where people singing opera floated along while all speakers broadcasted their music. I had chills all over my arms. I always wish I could repeat this experience. Do you ever repeat your themes. If so, I would travel the distance to be there!.

Yes, we do scat eat some themes over the years. Do you have any plans for WaterFire sometime between August 18th and August 21st of 2021.

Possible, amd not likely.



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