His father had become confused by road construction and missed a turnoff from Interstate 10 to Interstate 25; when he turned around and circled back, he missed the turnoff a second time. She felt different from and not fully accepted by the full blooded Native Americans or white people. One again, Silko is not a logical or reasonable person in this case. All of my life I have heard about the border, illegal immigrants, and border patrol. They were dark young men, Indian and mestizo; they were smiling and a few of them waved at us in our cars. A limited time offer! While we were stopped, we watched as other vehicles–whose occupants were white–were waved through the checkpoint.

You must be logged in to post a comment. When she showed no interest in the inside of our car, they brought her around back to the trunk, near where we were standing. The great human migration within the Americas cannot be stopped; human beings are natural forces of the earth, just as rivers and winds are natural forces. His father had become confused by road construction and missed a turnoff from Interstate 10 to Interstate 25; when he turned around and circled back, he missed the turnoff a second time. The dog apparently did not heel well enough to suit him, and the handler jerked the leash.

I can’t forget the expression in the dog’s eyes; it was as if she were embarrassed to be associated with them. This is where her pathos was flawed, she took the example to a level I feel most people would not be able to relate to. And Writing service groupon almost. Her arguments have no firm foundation because the events and issues she mentions in her article are only anecdotal experiences and not evidence in itself. I think that anyone who reads this, regardless if they already have an opinion of the subject, will feel disdain toward the border patrol and their denial of rights to US citizens.

When you drive north from Las Cruces up Interstate 25, two miles north of the town of Truth or Consequences, the highway is bordwr with orange emergency barriers, and all traffic is diverted essah a two-lane Border Patrol checkpoint miles north of the U. Wednesday, December 4, Silko Essay.


According to the Department of Homeland Security, U. She was afraid of what they might do, just as I was. Our cousin old Bill Pratt used to ride his horse miles overland from Laguna, New Mexico, to PrescottArizona, every summer to work as a fire lookout.

the border patrol state leslie marmon silko essay

Be border patrol state silko essay two of the border patrol state university college essay online essay writing an integrated border patrol state silko essay study tools.

Silko also gives examples about how one border patrol member killed a civilian out of cold blood and his partner had to turn him in for the chargers. White people traveling with brown people, however, can expect to be stopped on suspicion they work with the sanctuary movement, which shelters refugees. Silko said that she could sense a feeling of violence and menace that she will never forget.

They have to be used in such a way that they all flow and support each other and this is not the case with Silko’s essay is written in such a way that her ethos, pathos, and logos contradict each other.

the border patrol state leslie marmon silko essay

pxtrol Why does she seem so fearful? Silko and her companion Gus were traveling south from Albuqurgue when they were stopped by the border patrol. I was detained once at Truth or Consequences, despite my and my companion’s Arizona driver’s licenses. Two other Border Patrolmen stood by the white van.

the border patrol state leslie marmon silko essay

I will never forget that night beside the highway. Silko comes from Native American Descent so in her culture it is not unusual to have abnormal relation with animals. White people who appear to be clergy, those who wear ethnic clothing or jewelry, and women with very long hair or very short hair they could be nuns are also frequently detained; white men with beards or mxrmon with long hair are likely to be detained, too, because Border Patrol agents have profiles of “those sorts” of white tsate who may help political refugees.

Ethos is a very critical persuasion method, if someone is not given strong credibility, they might not believe what patfol said. The Indian people of southern Mexico, of Guatemalaand those left in El Salvadortoo, are still fighting for their lives and for their land against the cavalry patrols sent out by the governments of those lands.


Never mind that in El Pasoa high-school esssy coach driving a vanload of his players in full uniform was pulled over on the freeway and a Border Patrol agent put a cocked revolver to his head.

Silko goes on to say that what happened to her that night is, unfortunately, a common occurrence. Posted by Unknown at 8: I had a small amount of medicinal ptarol in my purse that night, but she refused to expose me.

Summary of “The Border Patrol State” by Leslie Marmom Silko

Informing Policy for Children at Risk. I would also hear stories of parents leaving their children in their home country so that they could come to America and make enough money to either send to them or have their child join them in the US by crossing the border illegally.

Silko’s article silkp unbalanced and not logical because there are too many personal experiences and not enough factual information. This is just a sample. She presented identification and an explanation deemed suitable by the agents and was allowed to go about her business.

Silko had a small amount of marijuana in her purse that night, that the dog did not expose to the men.

English Silko Essay

When the military and police ran out patol political suspects to torture and kill, they resorted to the random abduction of citizens off the streets. Since the s, on top of greatly expanding border checkpoints, the Immigration and Naturalization Service and the Border Patrol have implemented policies that interfere with the rights of U.

Silko writes about how she used to travel the highways with a sense of freedom as she cruised down the open road, and how she was taught in school that freedom to travel was the inalienable right to travel as citizens of the United States.