Australian Journal of Chemistry, 60 7 , The line spacing that should be used is double spacing including footnotes, lengthy quotations, appendices, and headings and subheadings. Electronic Journal of Biotechnology, 2 3. Download here , or get it from bitbucket. Interoperability — LaTex is OS independent. Reference from internet sources must include the retrieval date and URL address, and a hardcopy of the first page to the webpage should be attached as appendix. Do not create situations where the readers have to search for the figures and tables and to make their own assumptions or interpretations.

Remember me on this computer. It will be slower at the beginning the extra time required to learn LaTex , but at the end it will save a lot of your time and effort. For statistical analyses, only report the degree of significance p value or F value. It is recommended that photograph figures be saved in the JPG format or formats that use smaller memory. An actual LaTex file is merely a text file, which is just about the most portable format in computing. If the study is the second part extension of the study submitted in the proposal STF , this section should not grossly deviate or is substantially different from the Literature Review section of the proposal STF Bario, the Kelabit Highland of Sarawak pp.

Language – The report should be written either in English. Aspects for future direction can be stated, but must be concise and focus.

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Online articles from refereed journals usually also available in printed version should be listed according to normal journal paper format. In other words, it should only contain a specific and precise conclusion of the study. My computer actually crashed this is incurrently in — it does not crash but it will run in slow motion: A little more information about Overleaf after the divider and disclaimer Disclaimer: Electronic Journal of Biotechnology, 2 3.


The captions of the tables and figures should brief descriptions of the contents of the tables and figures. Limitations if any and recommendations where relevant can also be discussed. One nice thing about Overleaf is the rich text mode — which hides most L a T e X stuff from collaborators who are not familiar with it. If you need to write a short letter, you are best writing in Word. Perpetrators can be subjected to disciplinary action refer to Item Click here to sign up.

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The digestion yielded no thdsis cleavage of the MLC-2 gene fragment between tumour and normal colon samples. Retrieved March 21,from http: This also lead to more organizable and manageable documents. Plagiarism is an act of academic dishonesty. State the trend, range and significant aspects of the tables you have presented.

Thesis Format Page Guidelines – UNIMAS Institutional Repository

The abstract should be a brief summary of the research scope containing the background, research question, general approaches, and findings. References cited should be included to strengthen and support the statement of problem. Figures and tables can be included wherever necessary. Students are advised not to use the chapter system, but should adhere to the section and sub-section system.


Discussions should be strengthened with supporting explanation based on the theories and facts from relevant literatures. Implications and potential applications of the findings can be included. Introduction This section should focus on the brief introduction of the research emphasizing on the reasoning of the problem.

Itemsshould be written using Times New Roman font size 12 Bold ; item 3 should be written using Unomas New Roman with font size 9. An actual LaTex file is merely a text file, which is just about the most portable format formta computing.

thesis format unimas

It is recommended that photograph figures be saved in the JPG format or formats that use smaller memory. Moaaz Elhag Ali email address in the.

It should not formmat detailed data or extensive amount of raw data. This should be done before the oral presentation session of the final year project.

Thesis Format Page Guidelines

If the tables and figures are taken or adapted from others, the appropriate reference sources should be cited. Remember me on this computer. It, in fact, should be an updated version of the Literature Review section of the proposal.

thesis format unimas

Abstract refer to Appendix B The abstract must be written in English followed by the Bahasa Malaysia translation written in italic.