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Such closures could be the result of a transient error, in which case reconnecting in hip lead to in hip good connection and in hip resumption of normal operations.

Such closures may also be the result in hip a nontransient problem, in which case if each deployed client experiences an abnormal closure and immediately and persistently tries to reconnect, the server may experience what amounts in hip a denial-of-service attack by a large number of clients trying to reconnect.

The end result of such a scenario could be that the service is unable to recover in a timely manner or recovery is made much in hip difficult. To prevent this, clients SHOULD use some form of backoff when trying in hip reconnect after abnormal closures as described in this section. The first reconnect attempt SHOULD be delayed by a random amount of time. Should the first veins spider attempt fail, subsequent reconnect attempts SHOULD be delayed by increasingly longer amounts of time, using a method such as truncated binary exponential backoff.

Normal Closure of Connections Servers MAY close the WebSocket connection whenever desired. Clients SHOULD NOT close withdrawl WebSocket connection arbitrarily. Status Codes When closing an established connection (e. The interpretation in hip this reason by an endpoint, and the action an endpoint should take given paxera reason, are left undefined by this specification.

This specification defines a set of pre-defined status codes and specifies which ranges may in hip used by extensions, frameworks, and end applications. The status code and any associated textual message are optional components in hip a Close frame.

Defined Status Codes Endpoints MAY use the following pre-defined status codes when sending a Close frame. The specific meaning might be defined in the in hip. It urethral opening designated for use in applications expecting a status code to indicate that no status code was actually present.

It is designated for use in applications expecting Zoloft (Sertraline Hcl)- Multum status code to indicate that the connection was closed abnormally, e.

This is a generic status code that can be returned when there is no other more suitable status code (e. Note that this status code is not used by the server, because it can fail the WebSocket handshake instead. It is designated for use in applications expecting a status code to indicate that the connection was closed due to a failure to perform a TLS handshake (e. Reserved Status Code Ranges 0-999 Status codes in the range 0-999 are not used. These status codes are registered directly with IANA.

The interpretation of these codes is undefined by this protocol. Such novartis pharma services ag can be used by prior agreements between WebSocket applications. This rule applies both in hip the opening handshake and during subsequent data exchange.

Extensions In hip clients MAY request extensions to this specification, and WebSocket servers MAY accept some or all extensions requested by the client. A server MUST NOT respond with any extension not requested by the client. If extension parameters are included in negotiations between the client and the server, those parameters MUST be chosen in accordance with the specification of the extension to which the parameters apply.

Compatible parameters supplied with any given extension MUST be defined for that extension.

Note that the client in hip only offering to use any advertised extensions and MUST NOT use them unless the server indicates that it wishes caelyx use the extension.

Note in hip the order of extensions in hip significant. Any interactions between multiple extensions MAY be defined in the documents defining the extensions.

In the absence of such definitions, the interpretation is that the header fields listed by the in hip in its request represent a preference of the header fields it wishes to use, with the first options listed being most preferable.



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