Do you think Admu will accept me? Cruz said that perhaps the essay portion was meant to see how lucid they were after the rest of the exam. If you do follow the bare minimum requirements of a transferee, there is a high chance that you can get in. Post was not sent – check your email addresses! I am creative and artistic. I kind of regret it now. When I lie in bed, I question the meaning of my existence.

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‘Weird’ essay questions surprise UPCAT takers

I am honestly terrified for the upcoming ACETs next week. Yah, long story short…I came, I shaded and wrote a littleI brain-crashed.

Will I be admitted to Ateneo assuming that I pass sa aking second year or sa 3rd year po? Acet essay tips what is a good thesis topic. You just made it through the test alive. Freedom is no longer my unattainable fantasy. Magiging 1st questipn po ba ako or 2nd year na?

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acet essay question 2012

I tell the corniest jokes in class. Were the eggs runny or overcooked? Home Acet essay format.

ADMU, Will You Accept Me?

Make sure you read instructions before answering. You are commenting using your WordPress. I would recommend a hot beverage to quell your anxiety.

While they found out about the essay portion before taking the test, UPCAT takers were surprised by the kinds of questions they had to answer. Is the ACET aect I refuse to be a conforming drone in a sea of non-individuality and anonymity.

I do remember there was a break time for the ACET…but the time we were given to answer each questionnaire. Esssay made more sense, I guess,” said Cruz, who had to write about her favorite study tool. An estimated 75, applicants, expected to be a record, took the UPCAT last weekend in various venues around the country.

Esay you do follow the bare minimum requirements of a transferee, there is a high chance that you can get in. January 15, the day of the examination. And as for my roommates…. Thank you for replying!


This will look good on your application. The same thing applies to doctors too! Andie Ochoa, who got the same question, said she made up a story about how she was an heiress of a New York mob, who had to move to the Philippines after esssay caught doing illegal business.

I think I better start preparing.

acet essay question 2012

Whether or not they will transfer your units is up to questoon. I still get the jitters thinking about it. Sorry I must have misread.

ADMU, Will You Accept Me? – Patrick Alix

You can take one this summer, and get a free refresher course afterwards. Published May 8, May 8, Any tips for writing an essay as good and as simple as yours? Not making it to the dream university of your choice will not be the end of the world…besides, making it to college is one thing…staying long enough to graduate is another.