Evaluation of laminated mucoadhesive patches for buccal drug delivery. Chitosan, a polysaccharide, was chosen based on its biocompatibility, biodegradability, and mucoadhesive property. Absorbance was measured at nm. The experiments were carried out in triplicate and the average value was taken. Fast dissolving oral films: This is an open access paper distributed underthe copyright agreement with Serials Publication,which permits unrestricted use, distribution, andreproduction in any medium, provided the originalwork is properly cited.

The authors express their gratitude to Dr. United states patent application publication. The folding endurance varied between and times, which is considered the sign of good flexibility, except for film F5, containing starch and MCC, which showed lower flexibility. Castable edible pharmaceutical films. Fast dissolving oral film FDOF is used as a novel approach, as it dissolve rapidly in mouth and directly reaches to the systemic circulation.

In Vitro Dissolution Study drug release rate study: In therapeutic doses they decrease spasm of the gastrointestinal tract, biliary tract, ureter and uterus. Polymeric strips containing sparfloxacin for the long term treatment of periodontitis.

However, ghesis did observe that the thickness of all formulations F1—F6 showed a slight increase in thickness as compared to the thickness of formulation F7, without disintegrants. In this context, several research groups have highlighted the importance of oral transmucosal drug delivery and its future prospects over conventional oral drug-delivery systems.

The types of dissolcing discussed here have greater future prospects for their utility value in emergency situations, provided the issues of stability, durability, and efficacy are taken care of.

Film Thickness The thickness of each of 10 film of each type of formulation was measured using a micrometer screw gauge6 and the average was determined as shown in Table no. An ideal OTF should have certain characteristics like compatibility and other favorable properties, as mentioned.


buccal fast dissolving film thesis

The concept of Fast Dissolving Drug Delivery System emerged from the desire to provide patient with a conventional mean of taking their medication. By accessing the work you hereby accept the Terms.

The thickness of the films was measured by vernier caliper at three different positions on the film and the average was calculated. The buccal films were evaluated for various parameters like weight variation, thickness, folding endurance, surface pH, content uniformity, tensile strength, and percentage of elongation.

buccal fast dissolving film thesis

United states patent application publication. Compatibility of the buccal films was determined by measuring surface pH.

Development of polymer-bound fast-dissolving metformin buccal film with disintegrants

In view of these facts this drug can be considered as a suitable candidate for fast dissolving oral film. The type of the polymer is characterized by following table:. Buccal delivery is considered to be an important alternative to the peroral route for the systemic administration of drugs, as it considered the most convenient, easy, safest route of administration. A cardboard dissolvihg attached on the surface of the clamp via a double sided tape to prevent the film from being cut by the grooves of the clamp.

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The solution was stirred continuously to obtain a clear bubble-free viscous solution, transferred into a clean petri dish area of Compatibility studies The drug-polymer compatibility was confirmed by taking IR spectrum and DSC thermogram of drug, polymer fat physical mixture of drug-polymer proved that the excipients were compatible with the Dicyclomine as shown in figure: Design and evaluation of diltiazem hydrochloride buccal patches.


The film took approximately 48 hr to dry at controlled room temperature. The authors would like to thank the management of VIT University, Vellore, India, for its continuous support and facilities provided, as these were instrumental to carrying out the work.

Javascript is currently disabled in your browser. J Pharm Pharm Sci. The dissolution medium consisted of ml freshly deionized simulated saliva pH 6. Rapidly dissolving edible film compositions with cellulose film forming polymers. Development and evaluation of fast-dissolving film of salbutamol sulphate.

buccal fast dissolving film thesis

Bioadhesive polymer buccal patches for buprenorphine controlled delivery formulation in vitro adhesion and release properties. The composition of drug loaded film is shown in table no.

In order to determine the release mechanism that provides the best description to the pattern of drug release, the in vitro release data were fitted to zeroorder, first-order, Hixson Crowell equation and Higuchi matrix model. Increase in weight of the film was determined at regular time intervals until a constant weight was obtained as shown in thesiss no.

Organic solvents used were of analytical grade and other chemicals of Laboratory grade. Table 1 Formulations of fast-dissolving buccal films of metformin and their compositions Abbreviations: Transmucosal sustained-delivery of chlorpheniramine maleate in rabbits using a novel, natural mucoadhesive gum as an excipient in buccal tablets.

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