In the opinion of Greening Australia, these programs ‘provided breakthroughs in land repair that fill significant knowledge and capacity gaps in the “how to” of restoration. It was found that the five-year outcomes had been exceeded in nearly all national priority areas with the outcomes and targets approach effective in setting and delivering Australian Government investment priorities. That stopped groups talking to each other and looking at the whole system, saying, ‘What can we do as a whole to achieve an outcome? The committee recommended that a working group be convened to develop a framework for auditing the condition of Australia’s natural resources. The key aspects of CfoC involved:.

The first stage of the Caring for our Country program proposed a fundamental change to the role of regional NRM bodies in that they were regarded more as a service delivery agency rather than a partner in the process of determining investments. The introduction of the Regional Landcare Facilitators was a welcome development, although not adequately replacing the loss of personnel and expertise lost in the transition. With the help of cloud-based EPM software, businesses can enjoy all of the benefits of the cloud, while accessing advanced modeling capabilities and streamlined reporting that will improve financial planning and advance the goals of the company. We work with the Accounting Managers and Controllers, mentoring them, so they develop into strong contributors for the enterprise. As a consequence, the committee regards CfoC as being less than successful in addressing the problems of monitoring and evaluation identified in ANAO reports and by stakeholders.

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CfoC attempted to measure outcomes at a national scale in the context of long term i. National Reserve System; biodiversity and national icons; coastal environments and critical aquatic habitats; sustainable farm practices; Northern and remote Australia; and community skills, knowledge and engagement. A View From the Top: Like we said before in our blog on the benefits of Integrated business planningIBP is not a big-bang project.

The plam recommended the application process be reviewed including opportunities to reduce the costs of submitting applications and that a framework for providing consistent support and feedback to applicants be established. It is now often the case of the “tail wagging the dog” with more effort and expenditure spent on compliance than delivery.


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The Mornington Peninsula Landcare Network, for example, commented that CfoC was ‘hugely successful’ and provided a coordinated approach to ensure that work was undertaken in areas of national importance and with a scientific rationale. NRM Regions Australia commented: It also meant that groups no longer collaborated to the same extent. There is little doubt that integrated financial planning can benefit from leveraging technology, but what technology s does your business need most?

Through direct funding relationships, without intermediary NRM bodies, CfoC is able to efficiently deliver on outcomes as funding is targeted at regional Indigenous projects without being affected by additional administrative processes.

In the opinion of the FTLA, this division was ‘inconsistent both with the stated intention of an integrated whole of government approach and with the underlying principle of Landcare with which the FTLA is principally concerned, namely the indivisibility of healthy ecosystems and sustainable productive landscapes. The committee recommended that a working group be convened to develop a framework for auditing the businexs of Australia’s natural resources.

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Improving Performance in Finance One of the final sessions at Host Analytics World in Nashville was a panel discussion focused on how to improve the performance of the Finance organization. The achievements under the six national priority areas were provided against each set llan intended five-year outcomes.

It is acknowledged that there needs to be monitoring evaluation and reporting, however 25 years of increasingly complex reporting formats, has buwiness little in the way of accessible data sets and access to lessons of the past.

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Caring for Our Country’s focus on national scale outcomes in short and less than ideal timeframes has compounded the concern surrounding measurement failure. Despite some of the difficulties and frustrations under CfoC, the outcomes have been excellent, and the various programs and projects will continue to deliver good results. The KLC stated that this arrangement allowed for effective engagement of the Indigenous community in the program: Coupled with the concern around failure to critically measure changes and impacts over time, this disjunct has left the program with dubious credibility.


Besides getting the books right and running a sound finance operation, you are expected to help develop corporate strategy and ensure that the business performs to the max.

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In addition, CfoC funding was successful in leveraging significant amounts of other funding into Landcare—NRM projects from local government, private landowners and businesz groups. The fact that the good brand name of Landcare was dropped as being outdated and tired made a mockery of the hard work done by countless people both as landholders, plzn officers and volunteers for more than a decade previously.

With the help of cloud-based EPM solutions, businesses can manage and scale their planning data easily.

SWCC argued that this reduction led to the loss of staff. Under this, long term outcomes are impossible to assess and many benefits are not seen within the short reporting periods of project timeframes. In this wave, stakeholders escape their siloes; finance and the business increasingly team up. Many reports are lost in archives, and never used other than to tick the box of acquittal.

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