Date of Business CommencementOur business will begin to operate on It is to ensure that our business will become cost- efficient in every task and to avoid from any wastage of resources and captain happen. With the strength He gave to us, it helps us to find thematerials and Information that are needed to finish up this project. The market size would be in themonetary value and normally there will be growing, remains the same and shrinking onits number production. We have chosen a strategic location, good price, attractive promotions andgood quality of customer service to improve our business. It is to ensure that activity in the business goes smoothly and it is aligned with the business goal, mission, vision, and our long term objective in the industry.

Operational manager is responsible to ensure the qualities and the quantities of organic bananas. We hope, we mayrun this company successfully in the future as we planned. It is to ensure our employees welfare will be protected and get the benefit. On the other hand,want a return to double profit every request from customers. Help Center Find new research papers in: Thank you for our all classmates whom also help us in giving us the information whenneeded. Duringthis time, our business has a stable financial because our products have been known bythe customers.

Bysetting out the plan and target, organization can monitor their progress and get thebusiness back on track quickly if something unexpected happen in the future. In order to increase sale and maintain it to every month our management haveworking very hard to ensure that we can achieve our target.

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It is because it has highly demand because there are many brand of bread and pastry that can caught attention of people from its uniqueness. The graph show that Platanos Enterprise is a profitable company for the owner of the investment and how profitably a company employs its equity. We register our business on 1 December Future, we hope to have a processing plan largerproducts and opening several branches in other states in Malaysia and overseas.


contoh business plan ent300

The bakery provides freshly prepared bakery and pastry product at all times duringthe operations. We expected to improve the security of the plantation by increasing the regular checking time. I also promise to obey all the regulations that stated in thispartnership agreement for Delicious Enterprise. Based on statistic in the from Official Website of Shah Alam Council, wehave identified our market size are as step follow: Salaries and WithdrawalsEach partner should receive any salary for services rendered to the partnership.

Thank you for our all classmates whom also help us in giving us the information whenneeded. Thus, we can accomplished our objectives and minimized the obstacles. The function of this partnership agreement is to avoid fraudulent and deception that might be happening during the operation of business and ensure the business run efficiently and effectively.

Other than that, we use business card to spread the word about our product to the public. Good organizational and time management.

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We can deliver our product to our customer if they want but we will charge them by kilometers. Organizations that stay focused on their businessplan have a higher chance of success; when use as a road map, it can help businessleaders stay focused on business growth, mission and bksiness.


Sure to advertise one must pay to emt300 a year or two. Organization Mission and Vission. We chose this business because we want togive something new to bakery and pastry products already existing now. Sewing course Felda, It also provides an idea onhow to achieve the organizations goals.

contoh business plan ent300

Fasilitator for Smart Financial Planning Seminsr: Read the Text Version. The method used to collect information is by doing research and survey to market.

Each partner can withdraw the credit balance in their income account. Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link.


This is because our company are very concerned about the health of the worker. Our product is focus on: Every partner has belonging this business and the amount of the profit from thisbusiness as well.

Income – Most of the people in population of the area have their income RM or above per month.

It includes many of the various kinds of baked products made from ingredients such as flour, sugar, milk, butter, shortening, baking powder, and eggs. Therefore the location are strategic for our store.

contoh business plan ent300

It also can attract people come to our entt300 at the same time. We distribute the flyers to all the residents area. Next, operational plan is also to minimize the cost of production with high quality of output organic bananas.