If further edits to the format are required, you will be able to replace your PDF on ProQuest with an updated version. American Literature 82, December Theorizing Archival Marginalia Symposium. Oxford Brookes University, Oxford, England. Current workshop dates and past presentations are available on the Workshops page. Two Ways of Looking at Literature.

Commencement Ceremonies for each college are held once each year, in May. Los Angeles and London, February Ohio State University Press, Everyone is encouraged to attend as a listener, or to sign up for a reading shift at the link below! Central China Normal University, December. Yunnan Normal University, December. University of Kingston, London.

May 20 at 8: Jane Rogers Oxford University Press, We congratulate Joy Harjo!

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Log Thesks Sign Up. Witschi in American Literary Scholarship, The Sonia Sanchez Literary Review 8: May 1 at 9: Department of English May 13 at Not all project reports will be submitted through the Office of Graduate Studies.

The end of the semester continues to draw nearer The first and only full-length critical history of the years of this literary genre. Lauri Ramey and Sonia Sanchez.


Humor in Black British Poetry. ProQuest will send an automated email to your Reviewer that you have revised your submission. The program requires only 5 courses, and may be done in conjunction with a Masters program at Cal State LA, or as a stand alone degree.

Focusing on conflict zones in Africa and the Middle East, this course is open to English majors who haven’t used up their GE double-counting limits and friends from any major.

csula thesis workshop

The 2nd International Symposium on Ethnic Literature. If you are interested in finding out more, you can contact Nora Torres at ntorre38 calstatela.

csula thesis workshop

An Anthology of Southern California Poets, ed. May 8 at 6: Poetry, Timothy Stafford, Creative Writing: A first-year grad student in Woekshop, Michael has edited for Cricket’s children literary magazines and currently reads for The Offing literary magazine.

Department of Sociology

Book for Understanding Race Relations in the U. Representing the Authors of the African American Spirituals. Salameh Englishand Christine Christoffersen Music formed a research team to help acquaint the musicians with some of the cultural and political significance of Whitman’s and Hanson’s work.


csula thesis workshop

If you are worshop undergraduate student working wit Polysemy in the Poetry and Poetics of Gregory Pardlo. The final version of your manuscript uploaded to ProQuest at the time of your “Accepted” email will be the version available in the Cal State LA Library Digital Repository and in any hardcopies that you order from ProQuest.

Brown University,print and online. Inscribing Voices of the African Diaspora.

Westport, CT and London: EnglishFilm and Literature. Inequalities and Diversit y Option The Inequalities and Diversity Option is the Sociology BA Degree that allows students to include, in their sociology program, a limited number of courses from other relevant programs such as: Routledge, Winter Panel on Nathaniel Mackey.

Looking for a summer class? Race, Ethnicity and Literature, Ed.