But as being the soundtrack of Interstella , is an awesome album, one of the best albums of the decade. It would be awesome if there was a music video using the character designs from Sailor Moon! Its definitely the most emotional house music I have ever heard if that was their goal they achieved it. Daft Punk’s first album Homework was meant to be one of the most influential dance albums ever, but I think Discovery tops that. It sells its simple plot with awesome music, graphics, and sound effects. In my mind the two Parisians are still about the only artists that know how to use a vocoder properly, and by this album they have almost perfected it to an art rather than just bluntly using it as a weapon to mask a singer’s inability by making them sound like a robot, they go for making a robot sound almost human. This album has a strange old school vibe to it that most people in there right minds would enjoy.

If you like to dance Overall, Daft Punk have taken a risk, and it worked. This cd will make you wish you went and saw Daft Punk at one of their Alive! The minute people get crazy about your work, you become a star and everybody wants your stamp on his package, you have to take care a lot to stay in this “breaking the rules”-state of mind. They are just one persons opinion.

daft punk homework metacritic

Generally favorable reviews – based on 27 Critics What’s this? Fantastic Album and magnificent movie InterstellaI recommend them to everyone, even if you don’t like electronic music!

Even “Too Long” is actually too short. It appears I missed the party dft the year, a welcome return to form. A perfectly executed mash-up of all of the best songs we know and love from the most iconic electronic duo, Daft Punk. Since then the album has creeped its way into my subconcious. Many people here with bad hoomework insist that this is not as good as previous work, or that they some how sold out.


From what the advertisement and early reviews told me, this album was to shake the earth, leave cracks in the foundations of music, fill the air with the thunder it so lacked, and yet all I observed was a small push at what was As the streets sings of the ‘joys’ of Thomas and Guy’s new musical collaboration fill the air, I cannot be left with any feelings but sadness and disappointment.

And while Todd Edwards being brought back for another collaboration was great, “Fragments of Time” is almost too cheesy to consume, and Edwards’ singing abilities do not show here like they did in “Face to Face”.

Alive 2007

Filled with gorgeous landscapes Giorgo by MoroderWithin which serves as a stretched intro to Instant Crush containing lush digitalized guitar sounds that Julian Casablancas ironically wished to see the daylight on his own band’s Angles and the instant Summer hit Lose Yourself to Dance it makes you shake your hips AND clap your hands this album is pretty much layed out.

This album shows the same elements are repeated through and through, yet not in the respected classic Daft Punk manner. Just forget about their previous sound, and come to this metacriitic with new ears, and homewkrk find that they finally became “human after all”, and showed us that EDM producers can be REAL talented and gifted musicians, using real instruments and real musicians working hard in a real professional studio. I think it This album is a bit of shameful point for me. It has lived up to all the rant and rave about it too it well i think this album is honestly is the best album daft punk has ever released.

The feature songs are great in there own right including ‘one more time’ ‘Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger’however every other song is just repetitive and annoying.

Random Access Memories is certainly surprising. Beautiful music, and that’s the only thing that really matters.

This is the by far, the worst thing to ever come out of Daft Punk but here’s a 1 for trying to do something new. It’s just so good. The many intricate and complex songs of Daft Punk’s masterpiece “Discovery” are extraordinary. Yet they saved this album because of the Alive tour.


Some will be turned dafr by the new style Daft Punk has This album blew me away but I was wasn’t expecting to hear this new wave of Daft Punk music. We reveal the best-reviewed metacitic released over the past month, including new releases from Daft Punk, Vampire Weekend, The National, and more.

It sounds completely different from their first album “Homework”. Check box if your review contains spoilers. An extraordinarily fun album from beginning to end. I wasn’t the least-bit disappointed when I purchased and listened to the entire CD.

daft punk homework metacritic

Don’t buy this album, seriously, it’s pathetic, maybe if you’re a really hardcore fan of Daft Punk you would enjoy this album, but I didn’t. Their viral marketing campaign is definitely the reason for the hype.

The hype for this album should get a higher review than the actual track listing, as it totally erased the fact that this is recycled and flaccid disco pop that could have been made by anyone.

Random Access Memories by Daft Punk Reviews and Tracks – Metacritic

Lush, interwoven sounds that make me feel really good. In an age where singles are purchased and entire albums are ignored, R. Overall, Daft Punk have taken a risk, and it worked. Rarely do I listen to reviewers, but for some reason or another I did with this one.

daft punk homework metacritic

Being announced a little over a month before its release, R. How did they get those bloody awful Human After All tracks to suddenly sound so good?