Twenty-two thousand people came to see Santa today, and not all of them were well-behaved. Open Preview See a Problem? Dec 14, Justin Walshaw rated it liked it. Everything these elves say seems to have an exclamation point on the end of it. Dec 24, Manik Sukoco rated it really liked it.

Mar 22, Eleanor Thom rated it it was amazing. I found a job. It remains to be seen if the play will become a Yule Ave tradition. And yet in a couple of weeks she broke my fried heart. For a shorter clip, visit the Morning Edition website. Dec 25, Angel Gelique rated it liked it Shelves: I generally gag when elves get that cute, but Snowball is hands-down adorable.

I gave leaflets on the streets dressed like a french fry. Very much front loaded so the first piece was very good and then went down hill for the others.

Quotes from SantaLand Diaries. Jan 20, LenaRibka rated it liked it Shelves: Text alone would get 3 or 4 stars, but the audio get s 7 stars on a 5 dvid scale.

The back cover of the book inaccurately labels this as memoir, when in fact only two of the six stories are auto-biographical — and, tellingly, those two are the only ones I really enjoyed.

david sedaris santaland diaries essay

One word of caution: That’s what she told me. Go ahead, be my guest.

david sedaris santaland diaries essay

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David Sedaris: “The Santaland Diaries”

He was closer to her place than me. The back hallway was jammed with people.

david sedaris santaland diaries essay

Five years in the running, the festivity features a snow village, a decoration-creation station, and wagon rides with Santa. The reception was hilarious. Much of Sedaris’ humor is autobiographical and self-deprecating, and it often concerns his family life, his middle class upbringing in the suburbs of Raleigh, North Carolina, Greek heritage, various jobs, education, drug use, homosexuality, and his life in France with his partner, Hugh Hamrick.

The play is about an unemployed actor who takes a job as a Christmas elf in order to pay the bills. Sep 04, Janet rated it liked it.

Santaland Diaries – This American Life

Sedrais Crumpet the Elf, reading I have spent the last several days sitting in a crowded, windowless Macy’s classroom undergoing the first phases of elf training. There we Really this book is a 2. There were for sure some really funny observations, comments and thoughts, but on the whole I found the humour in this collection out of non-fiction stories rather monotonous than sparking-refreshing.

This is actually pretty hilarious. Late in the afternoon, a child said she didn’t know what her favorite Sedadis carol was.

SantaLand Diaries by David Sedaris

Feb 24, Adam added it Shelves: Glass invited Sedaris to appear on his weekly local program, The Wild Room. I told Riley that if he didn’t behave himself, Santa was going to take away his TV and all his electrical appliances and leave him in the dark. And she said, I’m going to have you fired.


I couldn’t picture him in my head, I couldn’t hear his voice, I didn’t know what to make of him so I left it. Dec 25, Angel Gelique rated it liked it Shelves: So here we bring you the 25th anniversary broadcast of David Sedaris as Crumpet the Elf.

davic The job was great and satisfactory. At the time the author was reading the SantaLand Diaries on NPR; we would listen on our respective drives home from AULA and then rehash all the crazy stories and images the next day, sometimes laughing so hard that tears rolled down our cheeks.

There were still a few sections though that made me pull back and question some of the things he was saying I couldn’t work out the bit about the children visiting with learning difficulties – were we supposed to laugh at them I hope not and then comparing the diariess to them – it felt very awkward.

I still dream of elves. And on and on and on.