It appears the opposite is in this case the truth. Brace yourself for 10 surprising actors you never knew had master’s degrees! From scientist to savage. Indeed, most lawyers, teachers, and physicians are not involved in research or scholarly activities at all. Though we all know his truly greatest achievement.

Finally, read plenty of other completed PhD theses. And he wouldn’t have gotten to that silver-screen spotlight if he hadn’t taken a gig as a bouncer — and stumbled upon romance. I would suggest they could also leverage their careers in film or music — along with a doctorate — towards a later career in academia. That paragraph actually made me cry. What do you think?

In any dolpu these cases, it’s a serious and notable accomplishment. By Marianna February 25th, Categories: If the student’s work is good enough for that level degree then prove it by testing it correctly, and if it’s not then don’t kid them that it is. Barry Wilmore will accept an honorary doctorate at the second Tennessee Tech graduation ceremony on Saturday afternoon.

10 Famous Actors You Never Knew Had Master’s Degrees

Shaq was unstoppable under the net, but from the outside, he couldn’t hit the broadside of a barn with a cannon. They’re approved by the student’s committee, the same as the “capstone project” that article describes.

A perverse pastime of mine is to Google the well known and creatively successful who have made it to a PhD — and dropped out, only to find fame elsewhere. He walked down the red carpet with Grace Jones, still his girlfriend at the time, and “everybody’s taking pictures of her,” he says, “and I’m kind of there like her boy toy. In the late s he graduated with a degree in Chemical Engineering from the Royal Institute of Technology in his native Stockholm. My PhD thesis was read and evaluated by external and internal markers, making it every bit as peer reviewed as my publications which are also only read by a few people before acceptance.


More spectacular diversions can derail many, such as interesting career opportunities that tempt us to stray from the path.

Shaq is one prospective student that I actually will recommend go to law school. Working hours a week felt natural when I started my PhD. What kind of supervisor only begins to read your chapters at the 5 and a half year point?

I am even prepared to accept a downgrade to a Masters. Ah, he didn’t do a traditional dissertation: I am not finishing on time, partly because I have had to go back to work. If your statement were correct, US-trained scholars would be largely unable to meet an international standard and the US would be a backwater of research, but that’s obviously not the case.

As even a brief reading of his biography might suggest, Lundgren, 56, has taken an unexpected, winding path to success. It is weird that that we are spending so much attention on something getting an advanced degree that isn’t really all that uncommon.

dolph lundgren thesis

It is not a Nobel Prize contending piece of research- it is a PhD. Atkinson is known across the globe for his bungling slapstick creation Mr Bean and his eponymous role in the spoof spy Johnny English franchise.


Interesting piece thanks Evelyn. At Barry apparently you do a “capstone project” but that’s not a dissertation.

dolph lundgren thesis

For those without decent industry experience to boost the resume, it can be disheartening to read about lack of positions within academia. The wholly implausible plot — lovingly complemented by bouffant 80s fashions and a party pop soundtrack — isn’t exactly a master class in IT.

How Dolph Lundgren Went From Chemical Engineer To Action Star

Get a free blog at WordPress. Plenty of professionals have successful careers without contributing a whit to the progress of their disciplines other than by serving as competent members thereof.

On the other hand: I respect the difference between a Ph. I was hoping this would be his only career 3 pointer Which gave him more points off of threes than off free throws.

How Dolph Lundgren Went From Chemical Engineer To Action Star : NPR

While subsequent roles in Working Girl and Heartbreakers show off her comic timing they don’t necessarily make her powerful intellect apparent. I still want my MA. Lunndgren carries then-girlfriend Grace Jones to a fashion awards show in Paris in October For some value of peer-reviewed not usually, I don’t think and publicly available via interlibrary loan or paying ProQuest a princely sum.

These people achieved financial success and fame and then went back to finish their studies.