Due Dates Please see the charts at the end of this booklet for level-1 assignment due dates. Constructive comments are very valuable to the student. We are here to help strategize and coach you through this! If you would like to have an evaluative letter in your employment file, you may ask your assigned instructor to write one. Students will be introduced to the elements of various genres and to a variety of interpretive approaches. This grade is also given for plagiarism. At the beginning of the year, T.

Each teaching assistant undertakes responsibility for leading one or two of these groups. A neat, accurate and complete record of grades for each student will be of the greatest help when you come to assess an overall mark for the year. Where sources are cited, they tend to be misused or misinterpreted. All Instructors in level-one courses will be allowed an extra free copies, larger elective courses will be allowed an extra free copies. You must keep a record of attendance. The instructor may request to visit a tutorial to observe the T. Departmental administrators are not permitted to act as intermediaries.

The total number of hours per term for a full T. A fairly basic or superficial treatment of the question or a fuzzy comprehension of concepts under study. In Term 2, 3unit courses do not have tutorials the first week, but 1C06 does.

Students will be introduced to the elements of various genres and to a variety of englksh approaches.


The essay thoughtfully develops an interesting thesis or shows a sophisticated understanding of concepts under study. Introduction for New TAS: These courses must be completed before your first meeting with your assigned instructor to fill in the hours of work form.

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Cleveland State Community College. The Department maintains its right and responsibility to determine work assignments.

A Guide for Teaching Assistants

Evaluation of tutorial participation in other courses will be determined by the instructor. For complaints, use another form. Attendance at an organizational meeting with an assigned instructor before tutorials begin to fill out and sign the T.

english 1a03 essay

envlish Has serious inaccuracies or inconsistencies. A number of tutorial sessions, or parts of several tutorials, must be devoted to improving the students’ writing skills.

Assignments will be determined by the T.

While most teaching assistants for Level 1 courses receive 2 course assignments, one for Term 1 and one for Term 2, those for 1C06 will be assigned to their section for the whole school year.

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A from the department office. The student may express opinions, but does not support them with evidence or argument. A student in 1A03, 1AA3, or 1CS3 is expected each term to write esssy short paper of approximately words and one longer essay of approximately words. They will also discuss acceptable participation assignments with T. Too many comments especially if they attempt to pinpoint a multitude of errors may well confuse.


Unreturned essays should remain in the possession of the teaching assistant until the end of the formal April examination period. You must explain this in your tutorials.

A Guide for Teaching Assistants

The student is in command of the topic and shows some originality and enthusiasm in discussing it. All course outlines should be forwarded to the Undergraduate Administrator for copying and will be charged to the Departmental account. You should also explain plagiarism to the group, emphasizing its seriousness and its consequences.

The senior tutors will work the same number of hours per essat as enylish regular T. Please ask your instructor about MSAF regulations. There are few errors in grammar, spelling and punctuation.

english 1a03 essay

Introduction for New TAs B. Tutorials for 2nd and 3rd year ehglish will involve an informal discussion format, similar to that of first year courses.

english 1a03 essay