Tan, Sin Shen Preliminary screening of potential antiviral peptide targeting EV71 virus particles using phage display peptide library. Hence, it will be likely that boys would show more negative attitudes and beliefs toward homosexuality than girls across all the measures. Gerard, Marilyn Sharon invasion of privacy in the Malaysian press: The case in United States. Ting, Robin Fang Yuan Demand side management:

Retrieved May 10, , from ScienceDirect database. Malaysia educational system tends to treats every person with fairness and justice in which the local educational institutions such universities and colleges attempt to give opportunity to every individual regardless of their racial and religious groups, skin color and sexual orientation preference. Oh, Pei Min Comparison of two selective media for the isolation of Agrobacterium tumefaciens from the soil. Teoh, Keat Yin Effect of citrus sinensis peel characteristics on the properties of polyvinyl alcohol film. Lim, Chen Loong Optimization of wireless power transmission.

Chee, Chin Hoong An integrated framework for business intelligence systems: However, misleading attribution will lead to fundamental attribution error. Yeoh, Alicia Lee Siah The watchdog role of a journalist in a politically corrupt nation: A unified theory on homosexual identity. Homosexual people also have their own right in choosing their sexual identity and sexual orientation as long as they do not cause any harm fy other people.

A Bless or Curse For Malaysia. Hue, Bit Kie Assessment of metals content, total phenolic content and antioxidant activity of commercially available organic and conventional grains. Pang, Yap Seng Development of future energy management system for microgrid. Moderating effect of gender.


Malaysia university student is the optimum participant in participating for this research because university act as one of the social institution in preparing the youngster in meeting or facing the obstacles in the current social world.

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Thus, it is undeniable that that male and female will show different attitudes toward homosexuality. China Information, 22 2. Hence, there were 80 samples each university with 20 samples being selected from four universities in peninsula Malaysia. Wong, Khai Tesis Using surrogate servers for content delivery network infrastructure with guaranteed QoS.

A comparative feminist analysis.

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Siaw, Fei Lu Comprehensive study of dense array concentrator photovoltaic system using non-imaging planar concentrator. Attitudes toward Homosexuality at Private Colleges. Honey against Escherichia Coli. A new dimension utxr Malaysia SMEs. Low, Boon Wee Comparison on various concurrency platform with IO bound problem concurrent database insertion on multi-core machine. The percentage for the respondents who were having the Slightly Comfort or Positive Attitudes was barely lower compared to the Slightly Discomfort or Negative Attitudes toward homosexuality in which it was about 7.

fyp thesis utar

Manikam, Nithiyaa Biogas production from municipal waste. Attitudes toward gays and lesbians among undergraduate social work students. A Panel Data Analysis. Attitudes of university students toward lesbians and gay men in Turkey. Chan, Kim Chon Compact real-time control system of autonomous vehicle system using fpga platform. The role of technology. Moreover, in various researches conducted by Herek as cited in Horn,there was a strong evidence showing that men have higher levels of sexual prejudice than women.


Ang, Joshua Xin De Development of a combined phage amplification and pcr assay for detection of viable mycobacterium avium subsp. Cognitive Development, 21, — Lai, Shao Jun Intelligent entry and notification system for academic office.

Final Year Project – Lee Kong Chian Faculty of Engineering & Science, Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman

Cho, Mong Ping Design and characterisation of arc discharge system. Lee, Chang Eu Presentation system for capturing audience feedback using android-based tuar. Khoo, Koay Chin Yau Automation of internet of things connection.

However, since nowadays almost all universities students are having tehsis e-mail account and also Facebook account, hence, the risk for the selection bias can be minimize and this will increase the accuracy of the data which was being achieved from the research.

Bambuseae in peninsular Malaysia. Ang, Jenn Ning QR-map: