The boulders absorb the wave energy they reduce the risk of erosion against the coast. They trap material transported by longshore drift. This means that ….. Holderness Coast Case Study. The soft boulder clay underlying Hornsea provides clear evidence of the erosional power of the sea.

Feedback Privacy Policy Feedback. Description Report The Holderness Coastline case study. Holderness Coast Case Study. On average, over 2 metres of coastline is lost every year and since roman times it has lost 4km of land, and 29 villages, with this number rising even now. Leave room on your sketch map for more detail to be added later An Overview of the Coastline This area of coastline is found between Flamborough head and Bridlington on the Yorkshire Coast.

Hard engineering strategies are man made structures to reduce erosion. They trap material transported by longshore drift.

Therefore, there are often powerful destructive waves along this coastline.

holderness coast case study powerpoint

What is plan to defend the terminal against the sea? This is loose sediment or soil which as been either eroded or shaped by water. Benefits in holdsrness area might have a negative effect on another. Recommended Presentations More by User.

holderness coast case study powerpoint

East of London in the county of Kent. Spurn head is at risk of being eroded away because less material is being added. What should happen to the Holderness coastline? This is one of the most vulnerable coastlines in the world and it retreats at a rate of one to two metres every year.


Aim to include outline of coast and coastal settlements. Coastal Holdernsss strategies along a stretch of coastline. This means the beaches are narrower and more prone to erosion. Revision PowerPoint Use powerooint PowerPoint to help you revise some of the key ideas from this model to help you get ready for your test.

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Holderness Coast Case Study. They are fairly holdernezs however they can be moved around by strong waves so they need to be replaced frequently.

Share buttons are a little bit lower. What sort of feature is Spurn Point What is the ecological value of the salt-marsh behind Spurn Point?

holderness coast case study powerpoint

What you need to know for the Holderness Case Study. Coastal erosion Holderness Coastline. Beach nourishment is sand and shingles that are added to the beach from out to sea.

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Registration Forgot your password? In addition, you have the added factor explain briefly sea level rise and land powerponit Sorry to bring the bad news! In the map above you can see that much of the land at the back is comprised of Chalk and much of the front land area is made up of Boulder Clay. While downloading, if for some reason you are not able to download a presentation, the publisher may have deleted the file from their server.


To get a better experience, try one of the poweropint browsers listed here. The Holderness Coast is a great case study to use when examining coastal processes and the features associated with them.

On the other hand it creates a strong backwash which erodes under the wall and is very expensive to build and maintain.

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Managaed retreat is removing an existing defence and allowing the land behind to flood. Although there are beaches, there is never enough sand to stop the waves reaching the cliff base at high tide. Describe the texture of boulder clay What happens to sand and stones once they are eroded? It will holderness erode quickly, especially when saturated.