Initially the reactor is assumed to be operating at isothermal conditions, therefore, the outlet temperature is equivalent to the feed temperature, 75oF. Due to the presence of polar and non-polar polar hydrocarbons, as well as a three-phase three phase system, Peng-Robinson Peng was employed as the fluid package to predict the binary interaction and activity activity of the components in the liquid and vapor phase as shown in Figure 2. Make sure the Solver is active. If you start with a blank sub-flowsheet there is no simple way to turn it into a template there is a work-around which I will discuss later but it is not pleasant either to do or work with later. Once this is complete, simply close the window by clicking the red X at the upper right hand corner of the component list view, which will return you to the simulation basis manager.

No matter what units it says it is displaying, HYSYS is actually displaying the variables in its internal units. It is within this window that the user specifies the temperature of the stream. The reactions property view appears. Reference [7] studied modelling and optimization of fluid catalytic cracking unit using Hysys. The less efficient a compressor is, the less the decrease in the temperature of the gases being expanded. The UnitOps view appears. The topics are presented in an order that allows the students to follow the book chapter after chapter.

Figure Since you do not know the structure of the hypothetical component and you are modeling a mixture, the Structure Builder will not be used. This process adds another level of depth and irritation between the areas you want to work with, but it does work.

Elliott and Lira 1 suggested a decision tree as shown in Figure Figure Next, hyysys warning yellow message bar indicates that you need to specify the input temperature for this stream. From Figurethe warning red message bar at the bottom of the window indicating that we need an energy stream.


hysys simulation case study

Change the name of the Reactor effluent stream to R-Prod1. Click Parameter at the left side of the window. Skip to main content. Figure Installing the Reactor 1.

hysys 8.4 case study

Its effluent is cooled to 65 oF and fed to a separator flash. Reference caae studied process simulation and assessment of a back-up condensate stabilization Unit. In addition, it would significantly enhance recovery of stabilized liquid and reduce greenhouse gas emissions at the storage tanks and it would also be safe and economical to ship or transport the stabilized crude to refineries and gas plants.

hysys 8.4 case study

On the window that pops-up, click on Auto Section… and change the internal type selection to Packed. Creating Energy Stream for Pump 4. In this case, since there is only one reactor, the default Global Rxn Set could be attached to it.

The less efficient a compressor is, dase greater the increase in the temperature of the gases being compressed.

Tools and Tricks

Figure Working with Simulation Flowsheet Once you have specified the components and fluid package, and entered the simulation environment, you will see the view as shown in Figure The best part, of course, is that templates are separate files and thus solve your problem of working as a group. Object Palette On the right hand side of Figureyou will notice a vertical toolbar.

Rousseau, Hand bookof separation processtechnology,Vol. sthdy

hysys 8.4 case study

To make the reactions operate sequentially, in the Oxidation Rxn Set, click the Ranking… and enter the information as shown: Bryan research and Engineering, Inc. To add components to the simulation, click on the Add button in the Simulation Basis Manager. Furthermore, cost of production would be reduced by minimizing process system requirement due to pumping cavitation. The first Input Expert view appears.


The reactions property view appears. Close the Session Preferences property view. Natural gas sweetening process simulation and optimization Figure What can you stydy from this graph?

Input Stream Flowrate Specification Once all of the stream information has been entered, HYSYS will yysys the remaining properties and data provided it has enough information from the rest of the flowsheet. Worksheet of the outlet stream will pop up. One scenario could be to assign a section of plant to each person or a pair of people and then set someone to coordinate them and put together the main flowsheet this means a lot of deleting old templates hysjs then reloading and reconnecting the updated templates, but it is still the easiest way stdy putting people’s work together.

As a result, will lead to reduction of the net profit due to reduction in the output. At the end of this chapter, the user was trained to determine the expander outlet temperature when the expansion efficiency was given. This observation is in conformity with the findings of [4], who observed that increased heat supply breaks emulsions and resulted into excessive vaporization and loss of liquid product.

After the input information and operating unit model cae set-up, up, the process steady state simulation simulation was successfully executed by the simulator as shown in Figure 4. The order in which the topics are presented in this book was chosen carefully, based on several years of experience in teaching HYSYS in an introductory chemical engineering course.