The contents should be centred horizontally and vertically within the margin. Headings may be shortened in the table of contents to fit the requirements of the margins, and the wordings must be consistent enough so that the reader may conveniently and accurately locate any headings. However, the first sentence of all proceeding paragraphs should be indented 12milimeters. It also sets a standard by which the quality of thesis output in IIUM can be maintained. She said, I m going. Size Quality Colour A4 Continued Tables Long tables may be continued from page to page.

Insert a comma after the entry element. No dashes, periods, underlining or other marks should appear before, after or under the page number. A key or scale if included should be placed beside or within the figure. Other sources were also consulted including suggestions from various lecturers. The legend should be single-spaced and span the width of the figure. Revis To help fulfill the More information.

If any printing appears on paper, that piece of paper is a page and must be counted and numbered. Quotations of more than 40 words set off from the text and indented six spaces from the left and right margins f.

For any texts outside the table like table number, caption, title and notes, the point font size should be used. Manuscript Submission 2 II.


There should be a minimum of two lines of a paragraph at the bottom of the page under the heading. Kamal Hassan Given name: College of Education, Health, and Human Services. As of March 24, Th.


iium thesis manual 2011

There should be double spacing between items and single spacing within items. Submission Guidelines for BfN Publications Instructions on creating accessible documents revision date: Mnaual use this website, you must agree to our Privacy Policyincluding cookie policy. Apply this rule also to names from other ethnic groups native to Malaysia such as Ibans or Kadazans.

In case of doubt, assume that the name of a person who lived in the twentieth century onwards includes a surname. A brief explanation of the methods or procedures used c.


Reference Style 5 I. D Master s Tyesis Blue Black 8. The NAME of the student comes under the title. Title page Abstract page ii Table of contents Main text separated. The colour of the cover must be as follows: The table number and title are to be placed at the beginning of the table; only the table number is given in the succeeding pages, for example, “Table 2 – Continued.

It is useful and unique to IIUM as it also includes details on how to cite languages other than English, particularly Arabic and Malay. She said, I m going, and left. Before printing, go to File and click on Print. Names belonging to an earlier period may be assumed not to include one.


iium thesis manual 2011

The appearance of the finished work should be neat. The page number must be centred to the text, not the iiium, and must be placed at the bottom of the page. Asterisks are usually used to identify probability values thhesis as: I would like to congratulate Prof.

The contents of this page are centred, and the top and bottom margins of 6. However, the number of the figure should be placed below the figure, at the left margin, followed by a period and a legend.

If a person s name is found in more than one romanized form, choose the form that occurs most frequently. Small Roman numerals i, ii, iii are used for the preliminary pages all msnual before the introductory chapter. The page number appears in its usual place, at the bottom tehsis the page, not the table.

Matters of style are matters for you to decide, subject to certain minimum. This page is counted and numbered and must be proofread.

iium thesis manual 2011