Critical thinking involves reflecting on the validity of what you have read in light of our prior knowledge and understanding of the world. Session 3 Students presented letters of enquiry, giving feedback to and commenting on each other. Empowering citizens to think critically: More specifically, it trained them to adopt the following sequential skills: Do we have to give details about our achievements and experiences in our previous job? The ability to decide what to believe or do based on solid logic, and to understand the consequences of this decision.

Taken together, the respondents asked more or less the same number of questions but with a higher sense of being critical in their questions after the CT training. Bringing critical thinking to the education of developing country professionals. Using a one-group quasi experimental design, a class of juniors third-year students consisting of 8 students at the English Letters Study Program taking Business Correspondence was taken as the subject of this exploratory study. Notions of critical thinking in Javanese, Batak Toba and Minangkabau culture. As the terms are used here, critical reading is concerned with figuring out whether, within the context of the text as a whole, ” them ” refers to the parents, the kids, or the cars, and whether the text supports that practice. Respondent PP was even concerned about the validity of the model; KI and ME were wondering whether the model was accurate and trustworthy.

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Egege and Kutieleh noted that Asian students are widely regarded as lacking non-critical attitude and ignorant of the principles of analysis and critique.

The Conception of Critical Thinking The idea of incorporating critical thinking into educational practices was initiated by Greek philosophers, reinforced after the World War II, and enhanced by Bloom in the s with his Taxonomy of Educational Objectives.



The data show the change of their thinking process. What is the source from which this is taken?

Remember me on this computer. How to make a letter more appealing to the readers? Quite possibly, the common practices of simply transferring knowledge from textbooks and teachers to the students still prevail, as opposed to a growing intention to make students think more independently and learn for themselves beyond the boundaries of prescribed teaching and books.

Respondent TA, for instance, addressed the need to know more detail, thinkibg the reason why some expressions are used. As Table 3 above shows, quite a number of acts can be identified as reflections of critical thinking. Is there any difference between a business letter and an enquiry letter?

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Critical thinking and the language factor: The quality of the questions also improves. Is the source of this model accurate and trustworthy? Critical thinking would come into play when deciding whether the chosen meaning was indeed true, and whether or not you, as the reader, should support that practice.

From the entire study, implications are drawn concerning potential areas to be explored further, some caveats, and a few suggestions for other scholars interested in this topic.

Students were assigned the next topic, i. A taxonomy of critical thinking dispositions and abilities. Taken as whole, these recent studies point out that the foundation of critical thinkign education in Indonesia has yet to become stronger and more solid. Thinking skills approaches to effective teaching and learning: The ability to decide what to believe or do based on solid logic, and to understand the consequences of this decision.


Learners equipped with solid skills of thinking critically may even be more prepared to take on independent learning. Is this model valid?

Session 3 Students presented letters of enquiry, giving feedback to and commenting on each other.

kurland (2000)/ critical thinking

If this holds true everywhere else, steps must be taken to ensure that college graduates undergo special training on critical thonking, either as a separate course or integrated in the curriculum. Also, since the critical thinking covers broad areas of cognitive activities, attempt should be made to limit the types criticwl critical thinking that are specifically orientated to specific learning tasks. Second, they might have done those acts in their mind but did not report them in the questionnaires.

kurland (2000)/ critical thinking

The questions they asked after the CT briefing tended to be more probing. Intergovernmental Conference on Environmental Education.

Solve problems to new situations by applying acquired knowledge, facts, techniques and rules in a different way.

kurland (2000)/ critical thinking

The outline of the activities in the course is shown in Table 1 below: By Vivienne Marie Baumfield. Kurland adds open-mindedness as another important dimension of critical thinking. The Usefulness of the Distinction If critical thinking and critical reading are so closely linked, why is this still a useful distinction?