Whatever it is asked, the Thesis does what it is told. The cabin is truly rich, and walks the right side of that line in Italian style dividing the perfectly proportioned minimalism from their bling-bling rap-star Versace vulgarity [5]. The construction of the Thesis was fairly conventional: But then I thought Vel Satis was fun too. In this view, it would have been better to offer a vehicle in the Mondeo price range rather than the more conservative sector contested by the Mercedes E-Class and BMW 5 Series [7]. In front of the driver is a classically styled instrument pack. However, I am not the only user and have to compromise.

It was available with naturally aspirated and turbocharged engines ranging between 2. After looking more into Lybra, I might swap out of my Kappa for one — not too expensive here in France, more manouvrable as I age, and an auto box, but only on 2. The ride is impressively smooth without being floaty. Which is a pity. In conclusion, CAR’s Horrell summed up the Thesis as being “far more accurate and even agile than it has any right to be [5]. However, the suspension of relatively recent hydractive Citroens is confusing. It did 25,km in five years, as a fifth car in a family, and still had that new car smell.

Thanks for dropping by. So I paid a lot for what was a year-old car that looks like a slug, but has complete testbedichte comprehensive history.

lancia thesis testberichte

I was dead keen on this before launch, but disappointed the more I got to see of the cars. I never drive diesels. But if driven as intended, the Thesis as a car simply disappears for both driver and passenger and instead the wealth of creature comforts come to the fore. After that, I was mostly focused on 6-speed gearbox first time I used it,… so after first downshift testbreichte sixth to third, luckily at really low speed, I took extra precaution not to repeat same mistake again!


I looked into the Lybra.

The Delta is only laancia cm shorter than the Peugeot and has the same luggage capacity. Retrieved from ” https: Kappa has smoothish ride, but many are as good or better. We have a few Kappa articles here plus a Trevi test drive.

The Skyhook suspension coupled with the sheer weight of the car do a remarkable job at smothering bumps and potholes. Three were decked out in white, two in black. Piggy in the middle From the side, however, the Thesis is a car of three parts, its distinctive nose and tail sandwiching one of the dullest centre sections of any executive car on the road.

Retrieved 8 February Thessi is a tight ship [5]. These gadgets allow semi-active suspension in that the damper rates can be varied by computer management to suit the driving conditions and driving style.

lancia thesis testberichte

Describing the driving quality, Horrell wrote: But those beguiling tail-lights and that tesberichte Italian cabin make this a saloon that I have a mild yearning for – especially as they’re so rare. We can conclude that the market is very intolerant of what are, to be objective, very small variations from the norm.

And have chatted to owners, who do huge mileages happily. Naturally, the boot lid is power operated, requiring merely nudge of a button to open and a slight push to close.

By way of comparison, the Mercedes S weighed less, having 30 kilos fewer to drag along. One, there are hard-to-fathom registration fees when the car arrives in Denmark and secondly, domestically, my Danish wife has a very, very strong preference for a locally bought car as opposed to one from outside Denmark which is in the EU.


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The clever part was the use of telescopic Skyhook adaptive dampers. The rear lamps — striking vertical slashes- are restberichte intense and are simultaneously nostalgically chrome edged and ultra-modern with the LED technology. A power operated sunblind performs impressive acrobatics: This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

When confronted with a sharp corner, it was best to brake, turn and accelerate again. I suppose Lancia thought an image-building large car was the way to go. The Lancia is unfortunately taller, to the benefit of headroom but to the detriment of appearance.

The boot holds a competitive litres. When the door clunked home it felt as thfsis each element of the closure was machined to testbedichte fine tolerance. Sales started in June in Italy, with export markets following shortly after.

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I must say that I could have written something slightly different a week ago and I could write a review with another angle next week. The rear of the car is a similarly fine place to reside.

By the way, are you part of a Lancia forum as well?