What’s the best shard key for the record collection, provided that we are willing to run inefficient scatter-gather operations to do infrequent research and run studies on various diseases and cohorts? If you leave the question and come back, the database will re-initialize. Aggregation Framework 31 October—07 November. Goal completed 17 December Check all that apply. Login to resync this repository. Suppose you have a 2D geospatial index defined on the key location in the collection places.

ObjectId ” b87eedbebc4 ” , ” name “: MongoCollection ; import com. Type the command that you would issue in the Mongo shell to create an index on company, descending. Intro to the Freemarker Templating Engine. Develop faster and manage open source risks with the Tidelift Subscription. COM ” , ” X-bcc “: Imagine an electronic medical record database designed to hold the medical records of every individual in the United States.

MongoClient ; import com. If you have clicked the ‘submit’ button at least once, you will see the word “Submitted” below the shell.

The user interface has already been implemented for you. Settings Widget for your goal.

Because the parser substitutes the first json object with the second one. YES – Homewrk query scanned every document in the collection. Which of the following documents will be returned, assuming they are in the movies collection? Goal author mr Grag 3 years old Send message Add to friends. App Write a query that retrieves documents from a users collection where the name has a “q” in it, and the document has an email field.


As as a sanity check, there are 49, images that are tagged ‘sunrises’ before you remove the images.

Mongodb MJ Homework 1 1 Answers

Start by downloading the code homeworkk final-problem4. Because each person has more than 16MB of medical history and records, it’s not feasible to have a single document for every patient. Develop faster and manage open source risks with the Tidelift Subscription. Aggregation Framework with the Java Driver.

ObjectId ” cb4cfbf8 “” student “: Application Engineering 07 November—14 November.

m101j homework 5.2

What could potentially improve the speed of inserts. ObjectId ” fa89e99f “” name “: Connecting to a Replica Set from the Java Driver. Objective After completing this course, you should have a good understanding as to how applications are built on top of MongoDB using Java.

m101j homework 5.2

Check all that apply. PST “” X-Folder “: Learn everything you need to know to get started building a MongoDB-based app.

Goal completed 17 December Or put another way, if an image does not appear in at least one album, it’s an orphan and should be removed from the images collection. Log in through social networks.


Mongodb M101J Homework 1 1 Answers

Quick sign-up through social networks. Suppose you have a 2D geospatial index defined on the key location in the collection places. This is a Hands On problem. Login to resync this repository. NO – because indexes will slow insert operations.


The solution to find value between is to merge condition like this db. Review of Implications of Replication. ObjectId ” b87eedbebc4 “” name “: Prerequisites To take this course you should be familiar with Java. If you need to start over at any point, you can click ‘reset’ to re-initialize the database, but this will not change your answer if you have already clicked ‘submit’.

That is, think mostly about the operational aspects of such a system.