When using similarity checking some things are straight forward, like selecting the files and interpreting the results side-by-side. Firstly, thank you for your great work. Dear Joel, The issue you describe seems to be due to a network problem. We’re currently trying to install VPL for a university project. Since I cannot see a way how to start a new thread here, I have to reply to your latest entry. Courses are developed from Word Documents.

I continue to receive the following error message whenever I run the command ‘sudo service vpl-jail-system start’. I could code it up and file a pull request on github. It provides students access to teachers online and get their help with the comfort of their home. Paypal payment gateway has been integrated for course payments. To make this website work, we log user data and share it with processors. Dear Udara, one question and one supposition: If I try to follow the link of the error, I go to page without further information.

In vpl all programs running as single project i think.

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Initially, college had been conducting fitness courses on campus but now shifted to online courses. Running the same code in a Python terminal on the jail server gives the correct current time, however.

Hello Edgar, I have seen your pdf and I have found that your problem is that your vpl-jail-system is using a private network IP. THe document tree is shown below. Run at command line sudo service vpl-jail-system start -d 8 I recommend that you upgrade your execution server to the 2. Because notifications email notification become not real time.


I added my tester script via requested files and as a student I uploaded only the solution file. The fvc can be a percentage or specific value, in other cases is used the general criterion. That’s why it complains about your files having multiple main functions.

Unfortunately I can’t promise anything earlier. Your ‘ls’ may be showing that you are in the second stage.

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This is bad news but not entirely. If you are using apache or web server in this ports then change the configuration of the vpl-jail-server in order to use another unused ports remember to change appropriately the URL to reach the service.

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Failed to connect to:: The reason is Java — it always causes problems for example, it looks like google analytics tracking code was recently added to our Moodle setup and after that ccc editor in VPL “Edit” page just doesn’t load anymore in Firefox. I will try to answer your questions about java output terminal. These files will be compiled with the submitted files by the student.

They do show in submission view page. The problem you describe are related to VPL not to Moodle, I think that the solution is increase your jail servers power or number. homeaork

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Essay on corporal punishment in schools. Is it safe to run jail2. Actually the first file was left empty I assumed it will be filled by predefined file contentbut second file had correct name. My objective is to try the functionalities of the VPL first before pushing it to our organization.


Upload notification This plugins allows students to receive a notification as soon as new material becomes uploaded.

I am unable to understand the reasons. If yes then would it be same steps as mentioned on your site? Configure your virtual machine hypervisor to port forwarding from your public ip in this case shared with your Moodle server to your jail server private ip. If you have enough hardware assigned to the moodle server you can install Virtualbox in your virtual machine yes, a virtual machine into a virtual machine and install there the jail server.

I have allowed port number in the firewall at the server. You may use the “based on” option to reduce the script files setting. Our demo jail server has been up and running for a long time then I only see two possible problems: I modified the install-sh file to install openjdk-7 instead of openjdk-6 and everything worked out fine.

We have incorporated continuos integration to the VPL development process by using travis-ci.

moodle fcc homework

Some points that could still help you: