For additional information on Forensic Social Work, click on the link below. I like the idea of using a personal narrative as the intro, but I also don’t want to be cliche either. Please keep in mind that you will be asked to complete a Certification of Graduate and Post-Baccalaureate Student Status form in order to receive a financial aid notification letter. I too am applying for an MSW for Fall and have the same questions. If an error is made on your calculation and your GPA is found to be below a 3. The program is funded by a collaborative of agencies serving older adults.

He submitted his application in October. The issue task describe a social issue of importance to you and suggest a policy or direct practice response is something that I think you should give plenty of attention. Students must be eligible for Financial Aid. If you are unsure of your GPA after you have calculated it according to the guidelines, please contact the MSW Office for further assistance. I hope it works. The autobiographical statement, letters of reference and the oral interview if so requested should give evidence of the applicant’s personal suitability for the profession of social work. Graduate Equity Fellowship Program:

Really hoping this works out. Well, I applied to a MSW program and was on a less strict guideline on what to actually discuss.

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Sign in Already have an account? Students in the full time prsonal year program take classes all day on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Meeting the academic requirements alone does not guarantee admission to the graduate program in social work ; maturity, experience and professional promise are equally important.

I am going to try to get my applications in as soon as possible because I know some schools have a rolling admissions process.


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Sign up for a new account in our community. The autobiographical statement, letters of reference and the oral interview if so requested should give evidence of the applicant’s personal suitability for the profession of social work.

The GRE may also be waived for applicants who have a minimum 3.

msw personal statement csula

Please be advised that a completed criminal clearance is required since most public human service agencies and many non-profit private human service organizations are requiring staetment background checks for student interns. On Saturday, September 17, at I’d like to hear the responses to this as well. One official, sealed transcript issued within the last year from all colleges and universities attended showing at least an acceptable baccalaureate degree from an accredited college or university if you attend Cal State LA, and have submitted transcripts in the past, you are still required statemejt submit all transcripts to the School of Social Work.

Good luck to all! You may also contact the Student Financial Sttement Office by calling for general financial aid information. What do admissions boards look for? In addition, the Office of Admissions and University Outreach will use the materials you submitted in Step 2 for an evaluation of your application. We will not send you a second letter if after the first letter your file is still incomplete.

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For example individuals applying for the program could come from among the following areas: If your application file is complete, your file will be sent to the School faculty reviewers.

It is estimated that by cula, as the peak of the Baby Boomers will be 65 years old.

msw personal statement csula

The fieldwork sequence encompasses a total of hours. An applicant must receive a passing grade in the course in order for it to count as one of the prerequisites.


Do any of you know if being a research assistant is considered in experience? Send application material to:. A lot of the PhD threads talk about focusing on being blunt and discussing your research interests and not as much on your personal story.

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The csulz life expectancy has surpassed 75 years, and many older adults are a part of four and even five generational families. The human biology prerequisite may be taken at a community college, state college, or university, and units do not need to be transferable You may submit your application while completing these prerequisites as long as you have completed at least 2 of the 3 prerequisites by the time your file is to be reviewed and you have documented your specific plans to complete the last listing the term the course will be taken, the institution, and the exact course title and description.

For example, an applicant with two years of work experience and a 3.

msw personal statement csula

The Aging and Families AF concentration provides students the opportunity to increase their scope and depth of knowledge and skills for social work practice with sstatement adults and their families at the individual, community, and broader social-political levels.

Applications are accepted for Fall Quarter only. However, there are a couple of other programs that I am interested in that are solely MSW. The final deadline of March 15th.

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