What would a UK-based alcoholic beverage manufacturer have to consider in order to try to expand its market share? I heard back quite quickly and was instructed to do the online numerical, verbal reasoning and strategy test, which was okay. Sign up with LinkedIn. See you on the other side! The interviewers were really friendly and I enjoyed working through the case studies.

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Answer Question What would a UK based alcoholic beverage manufacturer have to consider in order occ&c try to expand its market share? There were four interviewers observing Interview Questions Sometimes you will be given a question with “harsh” attitudes.

How to get a consulting internship: Let your partner know what cases your are interested in. Interview The online application was followed by psychometric tests, and then an invitation to interview in their London office. Interviewers were fairly friendly but unfortunately feedback was never given.

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Sign up with LinkedIn. See Highest Ranked Comments. Someone asked on Jan 19, – 2 answers. Now watch this full studh hour interview on how to crack the case study so you know what to expect when you’re the one sitting there!


This is not what assessors are looking for. Was then invited for an hour-long phone interview the week after I applied for an oversea office. Answer Question Estimate the market size for computer hardware for businesses in the UK. We were given twenty minutes to discuss as a atudy of nine and would spend ten minutes giving a presentation.

At the end of the day, you have to remember that these are the kinds of scenarios you will be dealing with every day as a consultant, so the true future consultants will be eager with enthusiasm for this stage of the process. I want to be notified about updates regarding this question via email.

What is the size of the UK market for water machines? What kind of stuff do they ask and how should I prepare?

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Recently aced the interview process. General Numeracy Problem Solving. The process took 3 weeks. Already have an account?

oc&c case study

Interview Questions What is the size of the UK market for water machines? The interviewers were really friendly and I enjoyed working through the case studies. This employer is also featured in.

oc&c case study

The problem of the company is which type of customers the company should target on and what kinds of products should they sell. A few top firms including McKinsey do give feedback to candidates at this stage, others would at least respond if they have policy against giving feedback, so that was slightly annoying.


oc&c case study

In order to prepare for this you have to understand and learn how to do case studies. Sorry, you need to login or sign up in order to vote.

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The process took ov&c day. Case-wise hey seemed very big on the idea of the candidate driving the discussion, and looked for a strong structure at the start of each case. There are often numerous different correct answers to a case study, and at this level they do not expect you to solve their problem as they are often real problems that the consultancies are dealing with or have in the pastas otherwise you would be interviewing for a Partner position. Often the questions will address a variety of areas.

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