The personal statement allows you to express your motivations and suitability for the programme you are applying to. Find out more about applying for teacher training , preparing for teaching interview questions or take a look at a personal statement for PGCE primary and a personal statement for PGCE secondary. For Primary Specialist Mathematics, a Mathematics degree or degrees with significant Mathematics content would be an advantage. I have enjoyed gaining experience of teaching a class, working out which teaching style will be the most effective with each class at the time. It becomes very obvious if you only select high ability work whilst it may ‘look’ great it is not showing your ability to teach a range of abilities.

For more information see our Applications page. Hello, I know this post was ages ago.. IOE tutors have extensive experience of teaching, school management, inspection, research and consultancy. Many PGCE courses aren’t expecting you to have a detailed amount of student work for this interview!! They will also select one subject for specialist study from the range that we offer i. I’d really appricate any advice you can give me.. It helped me to think on my feet if students didn’t respond to what I had planned and I had to change the focus of the lesson.

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Share This Page Tweet. Staatement applicants can find out the equivalent qualification for their country by selecting from the list below. I’ve been an art technician for over a year now and have experience in 3 different schools and I am absolutely desperate to get on to a PGCE course, I want nothing more than to become a teacher!

I would enjoy the achievement of encouraging students to appreciate science as it affects us all in so many ways. It helped me to think on my feet if students didn’t respond to what I had pgcw and I had to change the focus of the lesson.


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We went around each person’s portfolio and they discussed the art practice and we shared thoughts and ideas about our specialisms. Our open days give you the chance to find out more about our Teacher Training programmes and talk to academic staff.

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PGCE Primary

Fees for subsequent years may increase or otherwise vary. University life Changing or leaving your course Alternatives to university.

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This includes photodocumentation of work and students’ work that they have agreed for you to have or left after finishing school. Entry requirements First degree. I spent the best part of every night for 3 months working on my portfolio. Take a look at this secondary biology School Direct personal statement to find out how to match your skills, abilities and experience to what is required You should: Think about your teaching ethos and vision.

pgce personal statement ioe

Statemment additional workshops etc you have been involved in with children or even adults. My interview consisted of 3 other applicants 3 out of the 4 got onto the course.

How did you present all of your portfolio? Your name or email address: I do not have any projects in my portfolio that I have worked on with the school.

Tell them about your own learning, this could be seen in your dissertation topic and any classroom based modules. You should consider the following questions when writing your personal statement: It really depends on personal preference.


Specifically refer to your teacher training, and mention any specialisms such as forest schools or overseas experience. I discovered a passion for teaching science, a subject I now see many children struggle to become interested in. The programme is delivered via a combination of lectures, workshops, tutorials and self-study. This information is published a long time in advance of enrolment and module content and availability is subject to change.

You should be able to explain your portfolio to a potential institution. If you have ‘taught’ either in schools as an Unqualified Teacher or supported as a TA or even just going into schools to observe prior to applying for your PGCE course you can put the work you were involved in on. I’ve volunteered in a Primary school doing Art and a Secondary school doing Art, which not long after volunteering I was appointed Art Technician.

I was teaching English and encouraging them to explore learning through creativity, which we were told was unusual for them. Key information Programme starts September Make sure you add personal work that you have done as well as work that you have done in schools. Have you completed any extracurricular and voluntary activities relevant to the programme?

My advice – have student’s work if you have this by chronological Key Stage at the start of your portfolio and your own work at the back.

pgce personal statement ioe

Hope any of that helps.