Operate a variety of office equipment including a telephone, fax machine, copier, typewriter, computer, and assigned software. Operation of a computer and assigned software. Energy and Water Management. Limits of Board Member Authority. Perform related duties as assigned. Stipend for Business Expense. Financial Reports and Accountability.

Establish and maintain cooperative and effective working relationships with others. Hearing and speaking to exchange information. Prepare and maintain a variety of records related to student grades, attendance, classroom functions and assigned activities; input student attendance and other data and maintain automated records as required. Educational Travel Program Contracts. Utilization of Alcohol Detection Devices. Use of Food and Nutrition Facilities and Equipment.

Employee Use of Technology.

poway unified homework policy

Gifted and Talented Student Programs. Identification and Evaluation of Individuals for Special Education. Monitor and report student progress regarding performance. Hearing and speaking to exchange information. Student Pkway and Equal Acess. Procedure for Evaluation of Counselors.

poway unified homework policy

Student and Family Privacy Rights. This position involves training adults and high school students in child development polidy working with pre-school children. Transportation Routes and Services. Competitive Food and Beverage Sales. Operate a variety of classroom and office equipment including a computer and assigned software.


Maintenance and Operations Facilities. Food and Nutrition Staffing Standards. Architectural and Engineering Services. Student Leave of Absence. Parent Rights and Responsibilities.

Policies & Procedures | San Diego Unified School District

Firearms on School Grounds. At the end of some of the duty statements, there is an “E” which identifies essential duties required of the classification. Plan and organize work.

Relations Between Private Industry and the Schools.

Poway Unified – Poway Unified School District

Basic college-level subject matter of an assigned vocational area. Compile and verify data, prepare reports and maintain records.

Evaluation of the Superintendent. Seeing to read a variety of materials and monitor student activities.

Homework Policy

Continuing Disclosure General Matters. Designation of Professional Growth Advisors. Recognition of Religious Beliefs and Customs. Personnel Hiring Request P Child Abuse Prevention and Reporting.

Certificated Management Evaluation Procedure. Guidelines for Food Safety and Sanitation. Use of Copyrighted Materials. Management of Distict Assets Accounts. Education for English Language Learners.


poway unified homework policy