Finally, though, the engine no. It was getting [to be] too much to follow. Four separate pairs of wires that took separate paths to two independent fuel shutoff valves for Engine 1 were all cut, rendering us unable to shut down Engine 1 until three and a half hours after we landed QF32 p I think you did an exellent good on QF32 and everyone else on board that flight that day. The lift and aerodynamic moments are significantly affected.

I have a question about matters that you might not want to discuss or have not enough information about but which were left in the air. Be positively paranoid and manage every conceivable risk. He also quietly prepared for a glide landing Armstrong Spiral in the event that all engines failed. Any damned fool can criticize, but it takes a genius to design it in the first place Edgar Schmued. This background story explains why I was concerned about saturated flight controls on QF They were in stable level flight and they did not have all the information about what was wrong… leave everything as it is.

The human limitations, the error and its multiple causes and sometimes terrible consequences have a charming effect on us. However security is a zero sum game. Notify me of new qg32 via email. I think the unusual ECAM behaviour on board QF32 was unavoidable under the circumstances, and an example of why pilots are still needed to resolve the unexpected.

But they were not out of danger — 3 tonnes of fuel poured onto the tarmac, pooling around white-hot sutdy. The fire crew held back because the outboard engine on the damaged wing would not shut down. Avionics are designed with basic software logic to control-limit how to respond to data received on the network.


A good picture of an uncontained turbine failure. The lift and aerodynamic moments are significantly affected. SinceAirbus has employed a team of many hackers whose role is just to find, then fix security vulnerabilities in their systems.

Wonder Painting by my friend Coplu Coplu. On this particular flight, Captain de Crespigny was being checked by another senior pilot who was himself being trained as a checking captain.

On top of this, Qantas invests heavily in training and every captain is checked-out seven times a year.

Technical Lessons from QF32

This resilient architecture provides transparent redundancy, high bandwidth and secure communications. Join 5, other followers Subscribe. Australian Transportation Safety Board Transport Safety Report Executive Summary We, aviation professionals and aviation safety scholars, sometimes tend to focus, perhaps too much, in aviation accidents and incidents.


qf32 case study

Richard De Crespigny Credited with saving the lives of more than passengers on an extensively-damaged aircraft earned the Qantas A captain worldwide commendation and an avenue to the global corporate speaking circuit. Richard de Crespigny — Part 1 Interview with Capt. There is much to learn from the culture he imbues on any flight he commands. Richard shies away from individual praise and continually states that it was a team effort — he is right.

So we inverted our logic. The CAN bus is also being used in aircraft for communications between off-the-shelf engines, buyer furnished equipment and avionics. We knew that engine no. In the event of wing damage, I think the practical solution for predicting the effects of the damage, determining the approach speeds and then flying the approach lies more with the pilot:.


A large fragment of the turbine disc penetrated the left wing leading edge before passing through the front spar into the left inner fuel tank and exiting through the top skin of the wing.

Aviation Occurrence Investigation AO When we stopped, the brakes said degrees C 1, degrees Fbut it takes five minutes for heat to caxe to the sensor, so degrees on stopping meant that those brakes were going to go well beyond 2, degrees C. It was getting [to be] too much to follow.

Qf32 De Crespigny Richard (ePUB/PDF)

Despite his emotional and physical exhaustion from piloting and managing the crisis over four hours in the air and on the ground, he then assumed the role of customer service and Public Relations PR representative for Qantas, Airbus and Rolls-Royce. Include an ECAM sfudy message like that on the B to advise that the flight controls are saturated pilots should make slow and deliberate inputs.

qf32 case study

You are commenting using your WordPress. Network resilience is the sum cade network control logic, router resilience and cabling resilience. Fly with Airbus, Qantas and Rolls-Royce with confidence — companies that have great cultures. The photos were added by me: We lost 70 systems, spoilers, brakes, flight controls. Csae failures had severely degraded the already leaking fuel system. Airbus and Boeing aircraft implement two independent levels of AFDX to also protect them from systematic errors.

qf32 case study