The e-mail signature is programmed in the secondary font Arial , because the primary font UGent Panno Text does not work in e-mail software outside of Ghent University. How do we have to hand in our master thesis? Please contact your supervisors and always be aware of the safety measures: When filled in, you can save the document by following these steps: Construction ; The department where the research was carried out; The academic year in which the doctoral diploma will be awarded. Introduction and purpose of your master thesis Goal s Results of the first months Schedule for the following months Expected results think where you want to get and formulate results as if you would have already obtained them Is there a master thesis layout that we should follow writing our thesis? Commercial messages are denied.

What about the extended abstract? Installing as document template Fill in the right details in the Word document, in the right language. Personnel of Ghent University can easily order this printed matter at our corporate design printing office Graphius before known as ‘Geers Offset nv’. After the meeting you should also write a short report of the meeting and send this to your supervisors, promoter and, if applicable, industrial partners. Ghent University cares for the environment. The Word document contains two pages. Print in colour preferably.


thesis layout ugent

You may hand in your hard copies to your supervisor or promoter. You can find this template here. Your literature survey should answer three questions: Make sure that the title for each slide is representative for the content on the slide.

thesis layout ugent

There are two definitions of the extended abstract. Is there a master thesis layout that we should follow writing our thesis? Start by introducing the broad context of the thesis and finish by giving the problem statement. You need to upload thesos electronic version pdf on the Plato-platform.

What about the ‘extended abstract’? When you show an equation, take your time to discuss it clearly.

Choice of paper Department of Information and Communication Technology dsign ugent. Select “Browse for themes Do not start with an overview of what you are going to talk about. Use thicker lines than you would do on paper.

Corporate style for PhD dissertations

The slides should logically and seamlessly follow each other, without jumps in the subject. Do not use other logos. Computers Arrangements Where is the template for the intermediate presentations?

Do this in the font Arial size 10 and respect the order as in the Word template. The utent of one fully completed book-block text dissertation covered by a solid non-plasticised inside cover. It is also applicable for the layout of similar documents, such as notes and doctoral dissertations. The first page is in Dutch, the second page in English.


Watch online on Youtube Download in. You need to upload the electronic version PDF on Plato.

In order to apply for the ISBN number the following data are needed: What are the different symbols appearing in the equations? A good introduction follows the same approach layouut for the presentation.

In English or Dutch. This is not useful for short presentations. Uncertainty analysis Searching in literature Excel: You can find a template for this paper here. You should send this agenda at least one day i. If you are enrolled for the English master, you have to write an extended abstract in English. In order to ensure that the fully completed doctoral dissertations including the dust jackets will be available at the time of the public defence of the dissertation, the following timing is taken as a starting point:.

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Name the template fittingly. You do not have to convert them to UGent Panno Text. Design them like this: