Timetables are sent to the UEA email account and information is also displayed on eVision. Learning and Teaching Service. Log into your account. Security – Report an Incident. The University aims to return coursework and feedback to students no later than 20 working days after the published deadline for submission.

Types of Coursework Coursework assessment is a key part of your academic life. The reassessment period is fixed and will not change, so students must ensure that they are available during this time, in case they have any reassessments to take. The results of the National Student Survey published on the 12th August revealed that UEA has fallen to th place nationwide amongst all higher education institutions for satisfaction on coursework return times. Find out how to request an extension. Exceptions to this include dissertations, placement reports, projects and portfolios, as well as any work submitted after the original deadline.

Your module organiser will inform you if your coursework is to be submitted via this route.

Wellbeing Resources for Staff. Direct admission to a course due to prior learning, readmission to a course coursewrk failure or withdrawal. Log an IT Enquiry.


uea coursework return

Feedback can be generic or specific and usually addresses the learning outcomes of the assignment. Security – Report an Incident.

The usual penalty is a deduction of 10 marks off the original mark. Book a Meeting Room. If you are referred to reassessment, you will need to pay a Reassessment fee.

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The marker flags any assessments they feel have exceeded the word limit to the Learning and Teaching Service. Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts. Your Adviser can provide you with study support and advice. Current works on Campus.

Specific Learning Difficulty Support. Assessments can also be submitted via Blackboard. All Hubs have meeting rooms where you can talk to staff confidentially.

UEA performs poorly on coursework return times – Concrete

Learning and Teaching Service. Security – Report an Incident. Often the factors which have led to the interruption request have affected academic progress.

uea coursework return

Undergraduate Education Officer Connor Rand commented on the news of the results, saying that: The idea that statistics mean little in the face of individual cases should also be taken into account. Students should submit any extenuating circumstances at least 10 days before the Extenuating Circumstances Panel Board.


International Students Advice and Support. Security – Report an Incident. The word count includes: Current works on Campus. There are two functions to coursework: Book a Meeting Room.

UEA performs poorly on coursework return times

Hub staff are able to talk through any difficulties you are having and advise you if a concession is appropriate and how to apply. Current works on Campus. Repeat periods of study: If, after talking things over with your Adviser, you are sure that you wish to withdraw from the University, go to your Hub or contact the Learning and Teaching Service to confirm your decision.

Specific Coirsework Difficulty Support.

Learning and Teaching Service. If you encounter any problems, please contact your hub.