So we left the groups. Town a shambles as well with big church across the street now being left to rot away. Disorganised, low ranked uni with no career prospects at all. Satisfactory Student has met standards at an appropriate level within a specific time. Please do not study in this University.

By member On 13th May Only careers option available is teacher reposting posts made on job seeker websites. Since it is lot of many please advice. Where threshold requirements are not met and: The students union is an incompetent joke, To much selfie taking and PR stunts and little communication with students. The student is to be made aware of the provisions for a review of grade at the end of the teaching session in the University’s Review of Grade Policy. Student has submitted all assessment tasks and has adverse circumstances that the DAP considers should be taken into account.

Can anyone guide me regarding this or want to share any experience?

uws coursework results

I was considering this university for MBA. So we left the groups.

Uni is little know for its research, but claims to be teaching focused. However, the case for UWS is that you don’t even get the same treatment as others.

uws coursework results

So, the only problem i actually have is the wifi, its Nigh on impossible to log into, despite resetting my password on the site numerous times probably my own fault to be fair. Special approval is needed to award this grade which may lead to exclusion and schools should follow the prescribed process and record keeping requirements. I am a current student doing the MBA course. One of the best University in the UK. Only used for ungraded assessments and units taken in approved exchange programs.


University of the West of Scotland (UWS) Reviews and Ranking

By member On 2nd April No evidence of that though. The lecturers are friendly and competent and are knowledgeable of their subjects. By member On 4th May They said in that case, they would pass me they assumed I had agreed to use Safemedicate.

Not worth the money or effort.

I am consistently told a decision will be made next week and it never happens. Where a result is not finalised within the timeframe, Schools will follow procedures to resolve the grade, and where this will not be possible an FNS grade Fail Non Submission will be recorded with the approval of the Dean or Deputy Dean.

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All data is based on UCAS standard definitions. Special approval is coyrsework to award this grade in accordance with the Posthumous Awards and Aegrotat Grades Policy. By member On 17th May A specific weighting for each item of assessment must be nominated eg: Where a re-mark is undertaken all comments from the previous marker should be removed or, where possible, a copy of the submitted assessment task will be provided. By member On 16th August This has made me doubt the decision I made to come to the University, when I get sneered at by other students for contributing in seminars, while the others sit in silence!


Assessment Policy – Criteria and Standards-Based Assessment

If you work hard you can get the same honours degree you would get at any other university in the land. I am studying doctorate in business administration from London campus.

uws coursework results

Don’t go near the nursing cousework. Since it is lot of many please advice. Students and former students sticking the boot in doesn’t help matters – I have found in my short tenure there that you get out what you put in. Most of the lecturers are incompetent. Clearly next to no assistance on getting a real job.

University of the West of Scotland (UWS) Reviews and Ranking

Then Reeults was told, “forget it, we will mark you as unfit to practice”. Grading is all over the place. By member On 10th August