I wanted them to want to get to know me more so that they would continue reading. Tie together the most important points you’ve made in your essay to bring the reader full-circle. Providing treatment for patients is a central component of the veterinary profession, but being a part of the AEH team has really shown me that our primary role is working with people. We are no longer accepting new clients for the medical and dental school admissions cycle at this time. The final sentence or two of your essay can be enough for a conclusion, especially if you’re running low on space.

I have consistently devoted my life to giving animals another chance at theirs-be it rescuing turtles from roads, frogs from pools, or injured birds from dogs. You may wish to use a section of your personal statement to address academic irregularities such as withdrawals, incompletes, repeated courses, or significant fluctuations in your academic record. These are really important questions that the admissions committees are going to be looking for you to answer. Conclusion Tie together the most important points you’ve made in your essay to bring the reader full-circle. As this year unfolds, I am eagerly anticipating where life takes me in these next steps towards achieving my life-long passion of becoming a veterinarian. Campus Life Expand Navigation. Thank you so much for sharing your personal statement with the rest of is.

Take Your Time and Take Breaks Take breaks from statemsnt instead of trying to write everything in one sitting. I quickly assessed the situation, determined that the cat was in distress due to a severe urinary blockage, and hurried him to the treatment area.

VMCAS Application: Getting Started on the Personal Statement

The personal statement is your primary opportunity to distinguish yourself from the thousands of other applicants. I have experienced nothing more satisfying and heart touching than reuniting a previously ill pet with their eager owner or witnessing the true bond between pet and owner as a pet passes away. Reveal something about you i. Make a lasting impression by showing the admission committee who you are as a person and making the case that you possess the personality traits and characteristics to become a successful health care provider.


Here are some different types of leads you may wish to try out: Use examples, details and stories to write a compelling and convincing essay. I eagerly continue to pursue any opportunity I encounter to widen my breadth of knowledge about veterinary medicine.

My biggest advice is to get started early, have pfrsonal lot of people look sxmple it, and revise it pegsonal times. These are really important questions that the admissions committees are going to be looking for you to answer.

Background – After my attention grabbing introduction, I went into a little bit of background about how I became employed at AEH. To avoid this potential danger, make sure you clearly state how each of these events shaped you and your decision to pursue a health profession as well as the important lessons you learned along the way.

Personal Statement – Vet

I wanted them to want to get to know me more so asmple they would continue reading. Do you feel a passion for medicine?

vmcas personal statement sample

Refine Your Writing The most important part of the personal statement is the impression of yourself that you are creating. Opening Sentence Your opening sentence can simultaneously set the theme of your essay and engage the reader.

vmcas personal statement sample

I also value community statemnet on a global scale. Remember, your discussion should always lead back to you and your motivations to enter your health profession of choice.

Personal Essay Changes for VMCAS – Prehealth Advising

Primary Menu Skip to content. Get It on the Page For your first draft, don’t get hung up on your beginning or ending. Weave a story that helps the reader understand who you are as a person rather than simply listing your achievements.


If you are applying in a future year or for another program, we still have availability. This lead sets up the reader for a focused, well-structured essay and helps you to get the point quickly infinitely useful in a short essay like the personal statement. Create your website today.

vmcas personal statement sample

Admission committees look for applicants who capture the compassion as well as the passion for the field to which they wish to apply. Notify me of new posts by email. Your first rough draft isn’t going to be anywhere near perfect and you might not even use it, but you have vmcqs start somewhere! How were you affected? Get Feedback Find someone to give you critical persojal who isn’t afraid to hurt your feelings.

What did they do for you?

In your statement, you need to describe your motivation for becoming a veterinarian, how you became interested in vet medicine and the qualities you possess that will make you a superb vet. Why Statemeny wrote this Read your writing aloud and listen to what you hear to check for grammatical errors, flow, and clarity.

A history was collected, which I communicated to the doctor, and a treatment plan was drawn up for me to present to the distraught owner. Through my experiences, I am beginning to appreciate that the possible career options for a veterinarian perosnal endless.

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